Exclusive! Meet the NEW Looptrotter Audio SA2RATE 2

World Class Saturation

Founded in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland, Looptrotter Audio has since brought to market an arsenal of high-quality outboard gear for analog saturation and dynamics processing. Their custom-designed analog saturation circuits use solid state discrete class-A circuitry to endow audio with pleasing analog saturation, warmth, and attitude. Looptrotter’s founder, Andrzej Starzyk, has been obsessively designing and building audio electronics since the age of 16, and his passion for high-quality audio shines through in his company’s designs.

Use the new SA2RATE 2 to beef up drums, add warmth to a full mix, and give any source harmonics, grit, and attitude. Looptrotter have updated the original SA2RATE with TRS instrument inputs and updated controls, providing incredible flexibility any source. 

Looptrotter SA2RATE 2 in One Take

  • Dual channel saturator fitted with Lootrotter’s world-famous saturation circuit
  • Warm up your audio with pleasing harmonics and gentle peak reduction
  • Lo Safe option prevents the lowest frequencies from distorting, perfect for low-frequency instruments like bass or kick drum
  • Hi Smooth function allows greater saturation of high frequencies while smoothing the signal with subtle compression
  • Independent WET and DRY signal control for parallel processing
  •  Solid-state, Class-A circuitry

Hear It In Action with Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro!

The Perfect Studio Saturator

The Looptrotter SA2RATE 2 does one thing, but it does it very well: saturate audio. Using Looptrotter’s famous solid-state saturation circuit, the SA2RATE 2 makes audio sound warmer and fuller, by adding pleasing harmonics and applying slight peak reduction. This unit is a fantastic addition to any studio, as a simple way to add beautiful analog color and warmth to any audio source.

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