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Introducing the New Avid S4 and S1 Control Surfaces


With the introduction of the S1 and S4, Avid has brought their world-class control surfaces to studios of every size! Perfect for mid-size post-production facilities, editing suites, smaller mix rooms, and home studios, these new controllers are sure to upgrade your studio workflow.

Read On To Find The Right Fit For Your studio!

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Westlake Pro WA73-EQ Warm Summer Giveaway

Gear-Up for a Warm Summer!

Westlake Pro has teamed up with Warm Audio for a series of Summer giveaways! Until August 10th, you can sign up below for a chance to win the Warm Audio WA73-EQ! This gorgeous preamp is Warm Audio’s tribute to the classic Neve 1073. The WA73-EQ captures the sound of the legendary British preamp that’s been heard on countless records since its debut in 1970. 

Learn More About the WA73-EQ And Sign Up For Your Chance To Win!

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Exclusive! Meet the NEW Looptrotter Audio SA2RATE 2

World Class Saturation

Founded in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland, Looptrotter Audio has since brought to market an arsenal of high-quality outboard gear for analog saturation and dynamics processing. Their custom-designed analog saturation circuits use solid state discrete class-A circuitry to endow audio with pleasing analog saturation, warmth, and attitude. Looptrotter’s founder, Andrzej Starzyk, has been obsessively designing and building audio electronics since the age of 16, and his passion for high-quality audio shines through in his company’s designs.

Use the new SA2RATE 2 to beef up drums, add warmth to a full mix, and give any source harmonics, grit, and attitude. Looptrotter have updated the original SA2RATE with TRS instrument inputs and updated controls, providing incredible flexibility any source. 

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Buy the Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip, Get a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator FREE!

The Power of UAD-2: Free with Every 6176

For a limited time, get a powerful UAD-2 Octo DSP Accelerator when you buy the Universal Audio 6176! Combining the tube warmth of the 610 preamp with the snappy FET compression of the 1176LN, the 6176 is a modern studio must-have. Use them together to add vintage vibe to vocals, give grit and punch to bass guitars, and thicken up electric guitars.

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Universal Audio Double Down Promotion!

Save Big When You Double Down!

Thinking of upgrading your studio? For a limited time, Universal Audio is offering up to $3,290 in award-winning UAD-2 plug-ins when you get a second Apollo interface or UAD-2 OCTO Satellite! Create your own custom bundle with up to 10 UAD plug-ins FREE to bring the sounds of legendary recording equipment to your studio.

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Watch Our Exclusive Neutron 3 AMA Livestream with ENDO!

Electronic Dance Music Visionary ENDO Joins Us for an Exclusive iZotope "Ask Me Anything"

Join us for the livestream of our exclusive AMA with ENDO! The release of Neutron 3 brings new tools like Mix Assistant and Sculptor modules along with big performance improvements and updates to favorites like the EQ and Masking Meter.

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Westlake Pro Partners with Jammcard

Westlake Pro has partnered with Jammcard!

Westlake Pro has partnered with Jammcard, the invite-only professional musicians app launched in 2017. The Jammcard network hosts a healthy mix of professionals in the music industry, including live musicians, producers, engineers, songwriters, artist & tour managers, and vocalists.

On May 9, 2019, Westlake Pro teamed up with Jammcard at their monthly event, called Jammjam, to honor George Clinton in receiving his GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award. In collaboration with Jammcard, Westlake Pro gave over $4500 in new gear to one lucky app member. The Studio Giveaway package featured gear and software from coveted pro audio brands, to include:

Westlake Pro congratulates Bubby Lewis on winning the Westlake Pro Jammcard Studio Giveaway package! Bubby Lewis is a renowned solo bass artist who has performed and recorded with iconic artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

Want a chance to win our next Jammcard Exclusive Giveaway? Apply for membership here


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Meet iZotope Neutron 3 | Modern Mixing Redefined

Expanding the Frontiers of Modern Mixing

iZotope has built a name for themselves making innovative audio software with assistance tools that allow users of all experience levels to achieve a polished, clean, professional sound. Award winning products such as RX, Nectar, and Ozone have all taken advantage of iZotope’s cutting edge digital processing to help users achieve stunning audio results quickly and easily. Neutron 3, the latest release from iZotope, is an intelligent interconnected mixing environment that makes it quick and easy for mixing engineers to get a clean and polished mix. With exciting new features like Mix Assistant and the Sculptor Module, along with improvements to favorite features like the Masking Meter, Neutron 3 pushes the frontier forward once again into an even more modern way to mix.

Check Out Our Top Neutron 3 Features Below!

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proSESSIONS Recap with Vance Powell and Burl Audio


At Westlake Pro, our proSESSIONS series bring some of our top brands together with GRAMMY, Oscar, and Emmy award-winning producers, engineers, and sound designers. Our customers are invited to spend an evening with some of the biggest names in the industry to ask questions, learn recording techniques, and gain insight on the latest new gear. Guests such as Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Pink, Fall Out Boy), Sylvia Massy (Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool), Brian Vibberts (Lauryn Hill, Green Day, Mariah Carey), and Al Schmitt (Frank Sinatra, Quincey Jones, Miles Davis) have captivated attendees with their stories and techniques gained from decades of recording experience. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Burl Audio and six-time GRAMMY Winner Vance Powell to talk about the clarity, realism, and depth of analog tape, and how he uses the Burl Audio Mothership to capture his award-winning sounds.

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Special Savings with Mojave and Daking Mic-Pre Bundles!

Pro Recordings, Promo Price

For over two decades, Mojave and Daking have been staples in pro recording studios. Now is your chance to add their classic sound to your studio for a special price. Arguably the two most important parts of your signal chain, your microphone and preamp will determine the quality of your recordings. With Mojave and Daking, you’re sure to get quality results every time! Featuring the MA-301fet and Mic Pre Onethis bundle gives you great sound in a portable package.

MA-50: Mojave Quality for Everyone!

With the MA-50, David Royer sought to bring pack Mojave quality, clarity and realism in an affordable package. The award-winning microphone designer did just that by pairing the capsule from the MA-201fet with a transformerless circuit. The result? An impressive large diaphragm condenser that sounds great on almost any source. The fast transient response and high SPL handling make it great for drum overheads or loud guitars. The natural frequency response makes it a natural choice for vocals, voiceover, and acoustic instruments. If you’re looking for a quality studio workhorse, the MA-50 will prove to be the perfect choice for any budget. Thanks to the inclusion of a travel case and shock mount, you can bring the Mojave sound to any session!

MA-50 in one take

  • Large diaphragm 1″ gold sputtered 3-micron capsule
  • Fixed cardioid polar pattern
  • Transformerless circuit design
  • Ultra low noise
  • High SPL handling
  • Fast transient response
  • Professional shock mount and hardshell case

Meet the MA-301fet

The Mojave MA-301fet builds on the success of the MA-201fet by adding two additional polar patterns. This greatly increases the capabilities of the MA-301fet without sacrificing the stellar Cardioid performance of its predecessor. Flip the switch to the Omni mode to get a versatile room mic. Switch to the Figure-8 pattern to record a duet with one mic, or experiment with Mid/Side recording. In addition to these new pickup patterns, Mojave have also included a 15dB pad. This will allow you to record incredibly loud sources without running the risk of distorting your signal. Finally, a switchable low-cut filter allows you to gently reduce low-frequency build up. This is particularly useful for close-miked sources where the proximity effect can exaggerate low frequencies.

Great Sound on Any Source

Known for their realism and clarity, Mojave microphones sound great on almost any source. The MA-301fet is no different. Get crisp vocals, big drums, and detailed acoustic recordings all from the same mic. A true studio workhorse, the MA-301 is a useful addition to any mic locker. What’s more, you can safely bring it to remote sessions thanks to the included hardshell case and professional shockmount.


  • Multi-pattern: Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Figure-eight (Bi-directional)
  • Switchable 15dB pad
  • Switchable Bass Roll-off
  • Hand-selected 3-micron 1-in capsule
  • Jensen audio transformer
  • Military-grade FET
  • Custom designed low-noise resistors
  • Ultra clean signal path

Daking Mic Pre One – Big Features, Small Size

Building on the success of their larger studio preamps and EQs, Daking is proud to introduce the Mic Pre OneFeaturing 70dB of gain, a Jensen input transformer, and discrete Class A circuitry, the Mic Pre One puts pure sound in a small package. A 20dB pad, polarity switch, DI input, and variable low-cut filter makes this a workhorse for numerous situations. Thanks to its small size and sturdy aluminum enclosure, you can bring great sound wherever you go. Whether on stage, in the studio, or on location, this preamp strikes the perfect balance between build quality and performance. Factor in the feature set and affordable price, and this portable preamp is a winner!

Daking Mic Pre One in one take

  • 70db of gain
  • 20 segment tri color meter with VU and peak indications
  • Switchable Polarity
  • 20db pad with constant reflected impedance
  • Switchable Phantom Power
  • Direct 1/4″ instrument input on the front panel
  • Balanced XLR Output
  • Balanced 1/4″ TRS output which can be used with unbalanced devices with no deterioration of signal

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