Looptrotter SATUR-8/24 Analog Summing Mixer


24-channel Class-A analog summing mixer with 8 channels of saturation

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Warm saturation and dynamics processing

Founded in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland, Looptrotter Audio has since brought to market an arsenal of high-quality outboard gear for analog saturation and dynamics processing. Their SATUR line of analog saturation units uses solid state discrete class-A circuitry to endow audio with pleasing analog saturation, warmth and when desired, attitude. Looptrotter’s founder, Andrzej Starzyk, has been obsessively designing and building audio electronics since the age of 16, and his passion for high-quality audio shines through in his company’s designs.

Looptrotter SATUR-8/24 in one take:

  • 24 channel analog summing mixer using Class A discrete solid state circuitry
  • Captures the sound of vintage tube mixing consoles and tape recorders
  • 8 of the channels have saturation modules which smooth signal peaks and add pleasing harmonic distortion
  • “Magic” Module on the master output gives vivid analog warmth and feel to the entire mix when switched on

Warm Analog Summing

As many mixing engineers know, one of the best ways to bring warmth, glue, and character to a mix is to run your mix subgroups through an analog summing mixer. For this task, the Looptrotter SATUR-8/24 is an ideal candidate. It uses an original combination of active and passive summing and pure Discrete Class A circuitry to bring incredible warmth to any audio you run through it. This is especially true when the “Magic” module is engaged, which opens up the mix and gives it a vivid analog feel.

Smooth Saturation

Arguably the best thing about the SATUR-8/24 is the saturation circuits on channels 1-8, which add pleasing harmonics to the audio signal and smoothes signal peaks. The resulting sound is akin to old tape recorders and consoles and is both pleasing and musical. Because these saturation circuits smooth signal peaks, they also act as soft limiters, which round out the sound while keeping its detail. The channels with the saturation circuit on them (1-8) also have direct outputs, so the SATUR-8/24 can be used to saturate individual tracks and subgroups in place or while summing.

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