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Audio-Technica stands as a global leader in crafting immersive audio products that redefine the auditory experience. Renowned for their innovation and precision, Audio-Technica’s ATH line of headphones caters to a diverse spectrum of enthusiasts, ranging from casual listeners to professional engineers and dedicated audiophiles.

For those seeking unparalleled audio fidelity in immersive audio as well as mixing and mastering endeavors, Audio-Technica’s headphones offer an exceptional blend of precision and comfort. Trusted by industry professionals, these headphones deliver a level of accuracy and an ergonomic design that has become synonymous with Audio-Technica’s dedication to enhancing workflow experiences.

Audio-Technica’s commitment to immersive audio extends beyond headphones, as they have also revolutionized the world of microphones. Designed to capture the most intricate nuances of sound, these cutting-edge microphones transport listeners into a realm of unparalleled audio immersion, making every recording session a truly transformative experience. Whether for professional studio use or enhancing the audio quality of virtual reality applications, Audio-Technica’s BP3600 Immersive Microphone sets a new standard in auditory excellence.

Let’s dive into the world of immersive audio by examining Audio-Technica’s immersive offerings: the M50x, R70x, and BP3600.

M50x | Immersive Recording Headphones

The ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones are widely known to be an industry standard and a preferred choice of musicians and engineers alike.

While the M50x is most commonly known for its music production and mixing uses, its capabilities don’t stop there. Whether it’s audio post-production for films or sound design for VR games, these headphones cater to a broad spectrum of audio professionals, all while delivering consistently strong results.

Featuring a plush sound isolation pad with an over-the-ear design, these closed-back professional headphones will provide hours of comfort without causing audio-bleed during recorded takes. The M50x produces detailed and accurate audio, with a deep bass response delivering exceptional clarity throughout the extended frequency range.

Benefits For Immersive

R70x | Immersive Mixing and Mastering Headphones

When it’s time to sit down and mix your immersive session, you’ll want to reach for a pair of critical listening headphones designed to reduce ear fatigue. With Audio-Technica’s ATH-R70x Open-Back Reference Headphones, you’ll hear the intricate details of your mix with highly accurate clarity. The open-back design allows air to pass through the acoustically transparent honeycomb housings, reducing resonance and low-end build-up, allowing for hours of work without sacrificing comfort.

The R70x’s are Audio-Technica’s flagship professional reference open-back headphones, quickly becoming an industry standard for immersive and mastering mixers across the globe. Purposefully built to be exceptionally lightweight while providing a spacious and natural sound, the R70x are the ideal open-backs for any mix engineer, especially those working in post-production and Dolby Atmos mixes.

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We’ve teamed up with Audio-Technica to give two lucky people a chance to experience their incredible headphones for life. Until November 30th, follow the link below to enter for a chance to win either the ATH-M50x Closed-Back Headphones or the ATH-R70x Open-Back Headphones!

BP3600 | Immersive Audio Microphone

Audio-Technica has a simple and intuitive solution when capturing audio for immersive mixes. Their BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone was designed for immersive content creators, equipped with eight separate microphones to ensure a precise atmospheric recording experience.

Capture an atmosphere accurately with Audio-Technica’s BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone. Take all of the guesswork of creating the ideal immersive mix and capture a precise cubic image of any live-action scenario. Using eight 3.5” long hypercardioid microphones arranged equidistant from the spherical center mount, the BP3600 encapsulates a 360-degree audio image, producing a raw eight channel performance that makes the listener feel like they’re there.

This practical, state-of-the-art recording solution allows users to establish a genuinely immersive audio image that can easily be integrated into immersive audio codecs (like MPEG-H 3D Audio) without needing extra processing.

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Hearing Is Believing

Westlake Pro was given the incredible opportunity to put the BP3600 to the test, so we teamed up with Geordy Sincavage of Sinc Sound (Lost, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Atlanta, and more) and Gerald C. Rivers (Actor, Master Drummer, Voice Over Artist, Inspirational Speaker & Teacher) to capture a few different use cases with the BP3600. The results are astounding. Put on a nice pair of headphones and give these sessions a listen.

Geordy from Sinc Sound

Westlake Pro client and Foley Audio Engineer Geordy Sincavage of Sinc Sound in California spends his days supervising, mixing, and editing foley tracks for some of television’s largest shows and movies, including Lost, Westworld, Atlanta, and The Revenant. In his free time, Geordy treks through nature, recording the sounds around him to capture the tranquility of some of his favorite spots. Equipped with the BP3600, Geordy headed out into nature to see what he could capture. Watch and listen to the results below:

Gerald C. Rivers

We invited Gerald C. Rivers and his drum circle to Seahorse Sound Studios to sit around the BP3600. With seven drummers, one drum kit, and thirteen floor drums (djun djun, congas, bongos), this drum circle filled the room with hypnotic rhythms that filled you to your core. We found the eight microphones captured a crystal clear performance and brought the feeling of being in the studio with the drummers to you. Watch the video below and experience the energy of the session, captured with the BP3600.

Recorded Audio Clips:

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