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Exponential Audio – Reverb in 3D

Explore Space Like Never Before

For years, Exponential Audio has been a go-to choice for the most discerning reverb aficionados. From Post-Production on the biggest blockbuster films, to the lush spaces heard on chart-topping records, Exponential Audio provides everything you need in a reverb and more. Place an orchestra in a realistic concert hall with Symphony 3D, craft lush vocal plates with PhoenixVerb, and shape out-of-this-world sound effects with Excalibur 


All Exponential Audio plug-ins come with a huge variety of professional presets for any occasion. Get instant access to swirling spaces from another world, lifelike concert halls, classic reverbs, and complex effects chains. Use them as is, or treat the presets as a jumping off point for your own sonic creations, tailor made for your production.

The film industry has embraced the world of immersive audio in order to captivate audiences like never before. With multi-channel support for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and more, sound designers can finally place the audience in the spaces shown on the screen. One session with these plug-ins will show you why Exponential Audio reverbs have been the go-to choice for post-production professionals.

The Exponential Audio collection features a wide range of tools for any audio scenario. From lush, musical reverbs, realistic, immersive spaces for post-production, and experimental effects for sound design, Exponential Audio is the perfect choice for high-quality reverb in any scenario.

Reverb plug-ins are often the most processor-intensive tools available. Through careful design and innovative features, Exponential Audio has developed plug-ins that offer unparalleled realism and incredibly low CPU loads. Various modes allow you to manage the CPU hit, letting you work on your mixes on any computer in any situation. Whether you’re working with classic stereo reverbs for music or complex, realistic spaces in Atmos, Exponential Audio will perform well on most any system.

With industry-leading tools for music and post-production, iZotope is responsible for revolutionary processors like RXOzone, Neutron, and more. They are proud to welcome Exponential Audio to their lineup of world-class audio processors.

Michael carnes | Master of Reverb

We recently hosted Exponential Audio founder Michael Carnes and iZotope for an event to highlight the professional features and gorgeous musicality of the Exponential Audio plug-in line. After the event, we got to talk with Michael about the sound and functionality of Exponential Audio plug-ins. Having worked on many of the most iconic Lexicon reverbs before founding Exponential Audio, Michael Carnes is a true master of all things reverb.

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Michael Carnes below to learn what makes Exponential Audio reverbs so powerful!


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