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Are you looking to get everything you need to make your beats, write and record your songs and mix studio-quality music? Pro Tools Artist is here to help you take your music from inception to completion so that it’s ready for the world’s most popular streaming platforms including Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. Pro Tools Artist makes music creation fast, fluid, and fun, providing the same tools the pros use to create your favorite songs and albums in a cost-effective easy to use platform.

The Basics

What's In It For You

Start creating right away with thousands of inspiring instrument sounds and loops to spark your imagination.  Now with new Virtual Instruments like GrooveCell and SynthCell!

Experiment and fine-tune MIDI performances on the fly without stopping the music, keeping you in your creative zone.

Do everything all in one DAW—Capture the best take. Create your own tracks with MIDI. Shape your sound while you mix and master your music to perfection!

Connect and collaborate with other artists and producers who use Pro Tools around the world by sharing sessions, to get your music heard, opening up new creative possibilities for you.

Artist Bundle Included

With over 100 included plugins, you’ll be able to harness the power of time-tested analog classics from Fairchild, Focusrite, Pultec, and other legendary outboard processors to shape and sculpt your sonic signature.  You’ll also be given all the tools you need like tape emulators, reverbs, and effects to create unparalleled depth and dimension in all of your projects.

  • Pro Tools | Artist
  • Celemony Melodyne 5 Essential
  • BF-2A
  • BF-3A
  • BF-76
  • Channel Strip
  • Dynamics III Compressor/Limiter
  • Dynamics III De-Esser
  • Dynamics III Expander/Gate
  • EQ III 1-Band
  • EQ III 7-Band
  • Fairchild 660
  • Fairchild 670
  • Focusrite d2
  • Focusrite d3
  • Graphic EQ
  • Impact
  • Maxim
  • Pultec EQH-2
  • Pultec EQP-1A
  • Pultec MEQ-5
  • Purple Audio MC-77
  • Smack!
  • AIR Chorus
  • AIR Distortion
  • AIR Enhancer
  • AIR Ensemble
  • AIR Filter Gate
  • AIR Flanger
  • AIR Frequency Shifter
  • AIR Fuzz-Wah
  • AIR Kill EQ
  • AIR Lo-Fi
  • AIR MultiChorus
  • AIR Phaser
  • AIR Stereo Width
  • AIR Talkbox
  • AIR Vintage Filter
  • D-Fi Lo-Fi
  • D-Fi Recti-Fi
  • D-Fi Sci-Fi
  • D-Fi Vari-Fi (AudioSuite only)
  • Eleven Lite
  • Eleven MK II
  • Moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser
  • Moogerfooger Analog Delay
  • Moogerfooger Lowpass Filter
  • Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
  • Reel Tape Flanger
  • Reel Tape Saturation
  • SansAmp PSA-1
  • Sound Replacer
  • Voce Chorus/Vibrato
  • Voce Spin
  • AIR Dynamic Delay
  • AIR Multi-Delay
  • AIR Nonlinear Reverb
  • AIR Reverb
  • AIR Spring Reverb
  • D-Verb
  • Mod Delay III
  • Reel Tape Delay
  • Reverb One
  • Studio Reverb
  • Tape Echo
  • Tel-Ray Variable Delay
  • BBD Delay
  • Black Op Distortion
  • Black Shiny Wah
  • Black Spring
  • C1 Chorus/Vibrato
  • DC Distortion
  • Flanger
  • Gray Compressor
  • Green JRC Overdrive 
  • Orange Phaser
  • Roto Speaker
  • Tri-Knob Fuzz
  • Vibe Phaser
  • White Boost
  • AIR Boom
  • AIR DB-33
  • AIR Mini Grand
  • AIR Structure Free
  • AIR Vacuum
  • AIR Xpand!2
  • Avid Loopmasters Sample Pack 
  • Pro Tools | GrooveCell
  • Pro Tools | SynthCell
  • Click II
  • DC Offset Removal (AudioSuite only)
  • Dither
  • Down Mixer
  • Duplicate (AudioSuite only)
  • Gain (AudioSuite only)
  • Invert (AudioSuite only)
  • MasterMeter
  • Normalize (AudioSuite only)
  • Pitch II
  • Pitch Shift (AudioSuite only)
  • POW-r Dither
  • Reverse (AudioSuite only)
  • ReWire
  • Signal Generator
  • Time Adjuster
  • Time Compression/Expansion (AudioSuite only)
  • Time Shift (AudioSuite only)
  • Trim

GrooveCell & SynthCell

Now with Pro Tools Artist, you have access to Avid’s new GrooveCell and SynthCell Virtual Instruments.  Simple, intuitive, powerful, and easy to learn, these Drum Machine and Synthesis tools are here to keep your creative juices flowing.  

Become part of the Pro Tools inner circle and take your projects to the next level by getting your start with Pro Tools Artist today!

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