Studio Spotlights | Marti Humphrey & The Dub Stage

Marti Humphrey

Founder and President of The Dub Stage Marti Humphrey joins Westlake Pro’s original series Studio Spotlights. The Dub Stage is an immersive sound recording studio located in Burbank, California that provides complete sound solutions for TV, cinema, and independent projects.

Below you will find a six-part series of an exclusive interview with Marti Humphrey and The Dub Stage Recordist Adam Carl. See as they unravel history, discuss workflows and routing techniques, and highlight key features of the studio.

Inside the Dub Stage (Part 1)

Marti Humphrey, founder of The Dub Stage, walks us through his immersive audio mixing stage which features a total of 34 Meyer surround speakers.

Marti's History (Part 2)

Marti tells the story of how he first came across the API console and fell in love with mixing.

Marti's Relationship with Westlake Pro (Part 3)

Marti explains why he remains loyal to Westlake Pro. 

Marti's Workflow (Part 4)

Marti discusses his mixing workflow and some of his favorite plug-ins.

Marti Showcases the Key Features of The Dub Stage (Part 5)

Marti showcases the technical attributes of his studio.

Recordist Adam Carl of The Dub Stage (Part 6)

Adam Carl discusses his routing techniques and how to navigate in an immersive audio mixing environment.

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