Long-Awaited Melodyne Integration Coming To Pro Tools

For those of us who have been waiting, the wait is finally over. Avid recently announced that ARA 2 support is coming to the next release of Pro Tools. This will allow seamless integration between Pro Tools and Melodyne, one of the most requested features by end users. 

ARA + Pro Tools

ARA stands for Audio Random Access, a data-exchange extension for audio plugins that allows the selected plugin to exchange massive amounts of audio information with your DAW, the end result being a more streamlined and efficient workflow between the two.

Enter Celemony’s pitch and time solution, Melodyne. By tethering this dynamic pitch and time correction plugin with your Pro Tools DAW, Avid has removed the necessity for round-trip audio, creating a more streamlined and organized workflow. Melodyne can be applied to entire tracks at once or simply used in a clip-by-clip manner. It can serve as an alternative elastic audio plugin on analyzed or edited clips when working with Tick based audio. No matter how you interact with it, the Melodyne user interface is now conveniently docked in the Pro Tools Edit window, and new commands have been added to the Track and Clip menus along with respective contextual menus.

You should know that a current working version of Melodyne is needed for Melodyne ARA 2 to work in Pro Tools, but don’t worry, Melodyne 5 essential comes installed with all paid versions of Pro Tools to make sure you have the tools you need for your productions. On top of that, if you have a license for a higher tier of Melodyne, your license will be automatically upgraded with this upcoming release to unlock the new functions and features.

With ARA 2 support, a deeper marriage between Melodyne and Pro Tools became possible. Gone are the days of clunky editing and round-trip audio. Things like a new tab system coupled with the ability to edit individual clips shows just how seamless the integration between plugin and DAW has become. 

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