Gear Spotlight: The Eventide H9 Max Guitar Effects Pedal

Your Guitar's Trusty Sidekick

Today we’re devoting some time to talk about one of history’s most important inventions. No, we’re not talking about the wheel, or the cotton gin, or even the refrigerator—we’re talking about a special box you stomp with your foot to make neato sounds come out of your guitar: Eventide’s H9 effects pedal.

A complete pedalboard in one stompbox, the H9 Harmonizer effects pedal is full of Eventide’s iconic reverb, chorus, delay, modulation, pitch-shifting and distortion effects. With the H9, you can evoke the sonic landscape of legendary albums and open the doors to the creation of new sounds never heard before. Faithfully recreate the iconic sounds used by top artists, engineers and producers such as Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen, Richard Devine, Suzanne Ciani and many more.

The award-winning design of the H9 features a simple, one-knob user interface which allows easy effect editing and preset selection. Two onboard footswitches let you change presets, tap tempo, and bypass with your feet during live performance. The H9 offers studio quality sound, stereo I/O and full MIDI compatibility. With the free H9 Control app, you can purchase additional algorithms, create set lists, edit and manage presets wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB. The app is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

See the H9 Harmonizer Effects Pedal in Action at Westlake Pro

H9 Models Compared

H9 Core

Preloaded with 25 presets from the original H910 / H949 Harmonizers. Additional effects available for purchase via the H9 Control app. 

  • Every H9 CORE comes with a coupon for a free algorithm download.
  • Every H9 CORE can be Max’d Out at any time.
H9 Harmonizer

Preloaded with 9 effect algorithms and 99 presets. Additional effects available for purchase via the H9 Control app.

  • Every H9 Harmonizer comes with a coupon for a free algorithm download.
  • Every H9 Harmonizer can be MAX’d out at any time.

Preloaded with over 50 effect algorithms and 99 presets. Over 500 presets available via the H9 Control app. H9 MAX includes all future algorithm releases at no additional cost.

H9 MAX: One Pedal to Rule Them All

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with saving a little cash and going with the H9 CORE or Harmonizer. They’re fantastic effects pedals with tons of included goodies! But hey, we’re only on this earth for one go-around right? Might as well spend as much of that time as possible making sweet, sweet melodies that return millions of dollars into your bank account when they become the next big hit.

H9 Max Exclusive effects

The H9 comes stocked with all “H9 Exclusive Effects” and is guaranteed all future effects releases at no additional cost.

AND iconic Eventide Pedal Effects

Space Pedal

Shimmer Hall Blackhole Spring Plate Room MangledVerb Tremoloverb ModEchoVerb DualVerb DynaVerb Reverse Reverb

Pitch Factor

Crystals H910/H949 Diatonic MicroPitch Quadravox PitchFlex Octaver Harpeggiator Synthonizer Harmodulator

Mod Factor

Chorus Phaser Q-Wah Flanger ModFilter Rotary TremoloPan Vibrato Undulator RingMod

Time Factor

Tape Echo Vintage Delay Digital Delay Mod Delay Ducked Delay Band Delay Filter Pong MultiTap Reverse Looper

Eventide H9 Effects Pedals at Westlake Pro

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More about Eventide

NEW EFFECT: TriceraChorus bucket-brigade Tri-Chorus effect for H9 Pedals

Introducing TriceraChorus, a new vintage-inspired triple chorus algorithm for your H9. Inspired by classic bucket-brigade delay tri-choruses and choruses used both live and in the studio, TriceraChorus has up to three chorus voices, each with a dedicated LFO to modulate a delay and create lush chorus sounds. The algorithm also has vibrato, stereo detune, and two envelope destinations (Mix & Rate) on tap.

Current H9/H9 Core owners can purchase the algorithm from H9 Control as an in-app purchase for $19.99; TriceraChorus is free for H9 Max owners.

proSESSIONS at Westlake Pro Eventide and Rafa Sardina

Eventide presents the H9000 multi-effects processor. Loaded with 1600 unique algorithms, the H9000 is the perfect platform for surround sound and for processing many tracks of audio simultaneously. Experts from Eventide will be on-site to give answers straight from the source, and thirteen-time Grammy winner Rafa Sardina (Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson,  Shakira) will join the stage. Join us  for a look into his career, set-up techniques, workflows, tips and tricks using the H9000. RSVP and check in for your chance to win a plugin bundle from Eventide!

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