Radial Cherry Picker

Studio Preamp Selector


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The Radial Cherry Picker™ is a ‘straight wire’ passive switcher that enables the engineer to compare several preamps using the same microphone. Because the switching is done
quickly, it signifi cantly improves workfl ow. This lets you optimize the signal path by combining one mic with the most appropriate preamp for a vocal track or instrument. Confi gured
as a 1-in, 4-out device, the Cherry Picker employs a series of gold contact sealed relays to ensure straight-wire connectivity. This ensures that the signal will pass through the
Cherry Picker without introducing distortion, coloration or artefact of any kind. To eliminate switching noise, the Cherry Picker generates 48V phantom internally. One simply plugs in
any type of microphone, selects one or more preamps and auditions. The Cherry Picker will automatically turn off the other outputs. By involving the artist in the preamp selection
process, this gives the artist more confi dence and generally results in a better performance.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 3 in

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