Antelope Audio Edge Go USB Stereo Modeling Microphone

High-Quality USB Stereo Microphone with 11 Microphone Emulations, Built-In Preamp, and additional FX.


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Meet the Antelope Audio Edge Go

Ever wish you had a locker full of the world’s most iconic vintage microphones?  Well now you can, all contained in an easily transportable USB microphone from Antelope Audio.  The Edge Go is a studio-grade, large-diaphragm condenser USB microphone with the ability to accurately emulate 11 classic vintage microphones, giving musicians and content creators access to world-class vintage sound, all in an easily transportable package.

Antelope Audio Edge Go at a glance:

  • Studio-grade dual-diaphragm condenser microphone with 192 kHz/24-bit USB output
  • Includes Edge Go software with 11 vintage microphone emulations and 22 studio effects
  • Built in Antelope FPGA processing for effects and emulations, thereby never draining your computer’s CPU
  • Comes with hard case, shock mount, metal pop filter, desktop mic stand, and USB cable
  • No need for an audio interface, preamp, or power supply
  • The perfect solution for people who want professional studio quality in an easily transportable package

Pristine studio quality sound

Over the years, Antelope Audio has built a reputation for building pristine, high-end analog-to-digital converters and interfaces, which are used in world-class studios across the world.  The Edge Go is no different, offering pristine A/D conversion of up to 192 kHz/24bit resolution –almost unheard of for USB microphones. While the Edge Go does the job of a microphone, preamp and interface, it certainly doesn’t skimp on quality. It uses the exact same dual-diaphragm capsules as the Edge Duo condenser mic (a long time favorite of many studio professionals) and uses the same engineering principles for A/D  conversion as the world-class Antelope converters found in studios all over the world.

Software for accurate emulations

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Edge Go is its ability to emulate classic vintage microphones with stunning realism.  It does this with the included control panel software, which lets you audition and compare 11 microphone emulations, all based on tried-and-true studio mics that have been used on thousands of hit records.  These include warm tube mics like the Tokyo 800T, Berlin 49T, Berlin 67, and Vienna 12; crisp FET condensers like

the Berlin 87, Berlin M103, Berlin 47 FT, and Vienna 414; and smooth ribbons like the

Sacramento 121R and Oxford 4038.  You can even use the pickup pattern of your choice, with options from omnidirectional, cardioid, figure-8, and everything in between.  Or if you prefer, you can skip the emulation all together and get a transparent, flat, large-diaphragm condenser sound.

Other effects

As if that wasn’t enough, the control panel software also includes 22 additional effects, all modeled after classic studio gear.  These include vintage preamps, compressors, and eq’s as well as a de-esser, tape emulator, and Antelope’s extremely flexible Aura Verb.  Start with the expertly crafted library of presets, or build your own effects chains and save them as a preset for easy recall. To make things even better, all the processing power for these effects (and the mic emulations) takes place within the Edge Go’s hardware, so you’ll never bog down your CPU no matter how many effects you apply!

Ready to Go

The Edge Go comes with everything you need to get started, including a durable hard case, a heavy-duty shock mount, a metal mesh pop filter, desktop mic stand and a USB cable.  With all this in one package, you will truly be ready to make world-class recordings, wherever you find yourself!


  • Microphone type: Stereo condenser microphone
  • Diaphragm: Large condenser – double-sided 6u gold-sputtered membranes
  • Diaphragm diameter: 34mm
  • Polar pattern: Multi-pattern (cardioid, figure-8, omnidirectional)
  • Frequency response: 20HZ ~ 20kHZ
  • Self-noise: 19dB(A)
  • SNR: 75dB(A)
  • Headphone output DAC: SNR 112 dB
  • Microphone ADC: 117 dB
  • Max. SPL: 116dB
  • Power requirements: 5V/500mA

Mic emulations:

  1. Berlin 47 FT
  2. Berlin 49T
  3. Berlin 57
  4. Berlin 87
  5. Berlin 67
  6. Berlin M103
  7. Vienna 12
  8. Vienna 414
  9. Tokyo 800T
  10. Oxford 4038
  11. Sacramento 121R

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