Warm Audio WA-2A Tube Optical Compressor


Vintage Styled Optical Compressor with High Quality Tubes and CineMag Transformers

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WA-2A: Warm, Analog Leveling for All

When engineers need to level out a vocal, balance a bass, or transparently smooth out transients, vintage Optical compressors are almost always the first choice. Featuring high-quality CineMag transformers and a total of four tubes, the WA-2A not only provides smooth levelling, but adds pure analog sheen, warmth, and richness. Thicken up your sounds with natural compression, or drive it hard to make a vocal larger-than-life!


Line level, transformer balanced input  600 ohms impedance pin 2/tip=positive, pin 3/ring=negative, pin 1/sleeve=ground
Line level, transformer balanced output 600 ohms impedance pin 2/tip=positive, pin 3/ring=negative, pin 1/sleeve=ground
Frequency response  +/- 1 DB, 15 HZ TO 20KHZ
Maximum gain +40 dB ±1dB
Maximum peak reduction -40 dB ±3dB
Input level +16 dB maximum
Output level +10 dB nominal, +16 dB maximum
Distortion Less than 0.1% THD at ±10 dBm
Noise  -74dB
Attack time 10 milliseconds
Release time 0.06 seconds for 50% release; 0.5 to 5 seconds for complete release
Tube compliment 2x 12AX7, 1x 12BH7, 1x 6P1 (compatible with 6aQ5, 6005, and 6N1N)
Optical attenuator Kenetek T4B module (socketed) (compatible with T4A, T4B, and T4C modules per standard wiring configuration to standard octal header
Power 115/230 volts (switchable), 50/60 Hz, standard IEC 3 conductor cord


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