Mackie MR624 6.5-in Powered Studio Monitor

6.5” Powered Studio Monitor



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The Mackie MR624 is a 6.5″, 40W LF/25W HF bi-amplified studio monitor featuring Mackie’s proprietary logarithmic waveguide and Acoustic Space Control

Nobody excels at making high-quality recording equipment affordable like Mackie, and the MR Series studio monitors are no exception. The MR624 is designed to bring detailed and accurate monitor to desktop studios. To achieve this, the MR series incorporates proprietary Mackie technologies drawn from their expertise based 20 years of studio monitor design. The MR624 features Mackie’s logarithmic waveguide, which controls dispersion for accuracy across a wide listening area, and the Acoustic Space Control, which allows you to adjust the frequency response of the monitor based on room placement. Along with precisely matched amps and drives, these features enable you to mix with confidence. More importantly, the performance of MR-series monitors is not just based on math and specs, but in response to actual music across several genres.

MR624 Powered Studio Monitor in one take:

  • Designed for superior mix translation and accuracy for professional results in any studio
  • Equipped with Mackie’s proven logarithmic waveguide design
  • Ultra-wide dispersion for enhanced stereo imaging and listening sweet spot
  • Precise acoustic alignment offers incredibly balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum
  • 1″ silk dome tweeter provides fast transient response for detailed high end and vocal clarity
  • 5″ polypropylene woofer delivers responsive, dynamic low-frequency response
  • 40W LF, 25W HF Class A/B bi-amplification
  • Frequency response: 45Hz–20kHz @ -3dB
  • Optimize MR monitors for your mixing environment
  • Adjustable acoustic space filters maintain flat response in typical placement configurations
  • HF filter applies boost or cut to compensate for particularly dull or bright sounding rooms
  • Professional all-wood cabinet design built to last and look great in any studio
  • Custom designed internal bracing adds stiffness for reduced distortion and enhanced low-frequency response
  • Flexible inputs for simple connection to almost any audio source
  • Acoustically optimized with sound-tightening acoustic absorption material
  • Add the companion MRS10 studio subwoofer for powerful, deep low-frequency extension perfect for electronic music, hip-hop and more

INSIDE THE BOX—Mackie MR624 Powered Studio Monitor

Music first, measurement second

When designing the MR Powered Studio Monitors, Mackie didn’t start on paper. Using the most sensitive test equipment on the face of the earth, the human ear, Mackie engineers poured through countless hours of music from every possible genre and source. Subsequently, they focused on acoustic optimization with their various innovations, including their minimum-diffraction waveguide, which delivers unmatched clarity and an open feel
that instantly connects you to the music.

Acoustic Space Control

When acousticians design a control room, axial modes are calculated to facilitate monitor placement. Where you place your monitors in relation to the front wall of your listening space has an effect on low frequency response as reflections off the wall behind the speakers combine with direct sound. Based on the room dimensions and where you place your monitors, the distribution of axial modes can cause sound to be colored or exhibit uneven frequency response. So you don’t have to hire an acoustician or deal with hit or miss placement, Mackie engineers give you the Acoustic Space Control. It has three spatial settings for your studio monitor placement to ensure you are listening accurately to the bass response of your mix.

Acoustic Space Control settings:

  • Whole space (positioned away from the walls)
  • Half Space (positioned against the back wall)
  • Quarter Space (positioned in a corner)

Between the versatile Acoustic Space Control and HF filters, MR monitors can be easily optimized for your environment to ensure a flat response.

Logarithmic waveguide for a wide listening area

If you’re working with a console or control surface, chances are you’ll be changing your listening position as you work. To ensure an accurate listening experience when you move your head out of dead center, the logarithmic waveguide controls high-frequency dispersion, providing a consistent response across a wide listening area. Additionally, the logarithmic waveguide matches the high-frequency dispersion pattern to that of the woofer for a seamless midrange transition. It also recesses the tweeter so that its active area is on the same axis with the woofer, providing acoustic alignment of high and low frequencies for the perfect balance between articulate highs and midrange clarity.

Enhanced sonic experience and versatile I/O

MR monitors are packed with design features to enhance your listening experience. Custom-tuned reflex ports and a rugged cabinet packed with sound-tightening acoustic absorption provide punch and deep bass extension. For easy integration with any studio and monitoring gear, three types of input connectors are provided, including XLR, 1/4″ TRS, and RCA.

A variety of applications

MR Series Powered Studio Monitors may be used in a variety of applications. Some examples include:

  • Home and project studios – Music production for solo artists, small bands and DJs. Post-production edit/ mix suites, recording, editing, mixdown, mastering of everything from spoken word performances to full music productions
  • A/V broadcast studios – Live broadcast/streaming of audio-only or AV content such as radio and TV. Production/Post-production focused on podcasts
or other streaming audio. Voiceovers, too
  • Video post-production – Edit suites for small productions such as commercials, budget lms or multimedia for internet broadcast, etc.
  • Home theater and other multimedia – Music and movie playback, video game sound system, social function/party system, etc.

MRS10 Studio Subwoofer

While the monitors in the MR series are designed for low-end extension, there are styles of music that require some serious low-end, which only a subwoofer can provide. Designed to be the perfect complement to the MR series monitors, the shelf-ported MRS10 provides the deep, extended response you need to experience everything in your mix to its fullest potential. With a built-in variable crossover, you can dial it in to match your monitors perfectly, and if you want to hear your mix without it, simply bypass the subwoofer and built-in crossover with the included footswitch.

Mix Translation

To ensure mix translation to various listening environments and playback systems, the accuracy of your monitors is paramount. While hyped monitors may sound great in your studio, the goal of Mackie MR monitors is not only to sound great in your studio, but everywhere else as well. And due to their ability to acclimate sonically to your space and provide a flat response across a wide sweet spot, they do just that.

OUTSIDE THE BOX—Mackie MR624 Powered Studio Monitor

Housed inside its stylish MDF cabinet, which enhances the look of your studio, are a 1″ silk-dome tweeter and 6.5″ polypropylene woofer. On the rear panel are three types of inputs, including balanced XLR, balanced 1/4″ TRS, and unbalanced RCA, to accommodate both professional and prosumer gear. Also on the rear panel is a 3-position Acoustic Space switch, 3-position -2dB/0dB/+2dB high-frequency filter switch, rotary level control, power switch, and IEC power receptacle.

Nobody excels at making high-quality recording equipment affordable like Mackie, and the MR Series studio monitors are no exception. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.


Mackie MR624 specifications:

  • Frequency Response:
45Hz–20kHz (-3dB); 38Hz–20kHz (-10dB)
  • Sound Pressure Level @ 1 meter, +4dBu into balanced input: 105dB SPL @ 1m
  • Maximum SPL per pair: 111dB SPL @ 1m
  • Low-frequency transducer: 6-1/2″ / 165 mm polypropylene woofer
  • High-frequency transducer: Neodymium magnet driven 
1″ (25 mm) silk dome tweeter
  • Low-frequency power: 40W, @4 ohm; 80W peak
  • High-frequency power: 25W, @ 6 ohm; 50W peak
  • Crossover type: 24dB/octave
  • Crossover frequency: 3kHz
  • Sensitivity: +4dBu @ 300Hz for full output
  • Input impedance: 20k-ohm, balanced bridging; 10k-ohm unbalanced
  • High-frequency EQ: ±2dB @ 3kHz and above
  • Power requirements*: ~120V, 60Hz; ~220V-240V, 50/60Hz; ~100V, 50/60Hz
  • AC Connector: 3-pin IEC 250 VAC, 15A male
  • Fuse: 115 VAC: T 1.6 AL/250V; 230VAC: T 800mAL/250V
  • Power consumption: 120W with music, loud mix; 11W quiescent (idle)
  • Damping: Adiabatic batting
  • Enclosure: 15/32″ / 12 mm thick MDF with 15/16″ / 24 mm MDF front panel
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D): 12-29/32″ x 8-5/16″ x 11-3/16″ (328 x 210 x 284 mm)
  • Weight: 16.5 lb. (7.5 kg)

*Note: MR monitors do not support multiple voltage configurations. Make sure the voltage rating for your particular model (as indicated on the rear panel near the IEC socket) corresponds with your local AC mains voltage.

Additional information

Weight 16.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 11 in

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