Mackie MRS10 10″ Subwoofer


10” Powered Studio Subwoofer

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The Mackie MRS10 is a 10″, 120W powered subwoofer with adjustable crossover, auto power protection, polarity switch, and included bypass footswitch

With performance rivaling that of much more expensive subwoofers, the affordable Mackie MRS10 incorporates professional features to perfectly complement the Mackie MR series (or any other) monitors. Rather than try to fool the ears with artificial bass amplitude that does little for mixing, the MRS10 is designed to provide ™a deep and controlled, phase-coherent bass extension. For low-frequency optimization of your monitors, the MRS10 has an adjustable crossover that lets you dial in the right amount of low end to match your system’s response, as well as a polarity switch to keep your system in phase. And to make sure your MRS10 is doing its job properly, simply bypass the subwoofer and crossover with the included footswitch, returning your monitors to full range in a single action.

Mackie MRS10 Powered Studio Subwoofer in one take:

  • Powerful, deep extended low end for your studio, perfect for electronic music, hip-hop and more
  • Designed for responsive and accurate low-frequency reproduction
  • 120-watt Class-D amplifier
  • 10″ glass aramid composite woofer
  • Shelf-ported for satisfying, deep low end
  • Stereo XLR and TRS connection offer input flexibility
  • Stereo XLR and TRS outputs for connection to mains
  • Adjustable 40Hz to 180Hz crossover point
  • Polarity switch (0 degrees/180 degrees)
  • Included footswitch bypasses the subwoofer and returns the connected monitors to full range
  • Professional all-wood cabinet design built to last and look great in any studio
  • Vibration-absorbing rubber feet minimize undesirable resonances
  • Allows your mains to focus on highs/mids for optimum studio performance

INSIDE THE BOX—Mackie MRS10 Powered Subwoofer

 Music first, math second

When designing the MRS10 Powered Studio Subwoofer, Mackie didn’t start with abstract simulations and textbook theory. Using the most sensitive audio measurement equipment on the face of the earth, the human ear, Mackie engineers poured through countless hours of music from every genre, specifically bass-heavy music. So when Mackie claims that the MRS10 is perfect for electronica, dance, hip-hop, and more, you can be assured that they designed it “in combat.”

Protection circuits 

Over-excursion protection: Excessive low-frequency energy can damage the woofer by causing it to “travel past the point of no return,” also colloquially known as “bottoming out,” and technically as over-excursion, which is equivalent to a mechanical form of clipping. To prevent very low frequencies (where there’s more electrical energy than useful audio), the MRS10 has a 12dB/octave high-pass filter just prior to the low-frequency amplifier, which prevents very low frequencies from being amplified. 

Thermal protection: All amplifiers produce heat, which is the enemy of electronics and driver performance. The MRS10 studio subwoofer is designed to be efficient both electrically and thermally, but also features thermal protection to preserve the life of your MRS10. For example, if airflow to the rear of the cabinet is restricted and the heat-sink gets too hot, a thermal switch turns the amplifier off, and on again when heat returns to safe operating temperatures. (Don’t forget to move the MRS10 if that’s the case.)

Why add a subwoofer to your system?

All studio spaces are different, and not always good at bass reproduction. As such, adding an MRS10 studio subwoofer to your system not only delivers
the chest-pounding punch critical for genres such as hip-hop and dance, but also lets your mains focus
on the frequencies handled best by smaller woofers. Combining a subwoofer with smaller mains provides optimum studio performance throughout the frequency range.

OUTSIDE THE BOX—Mackie MRS10 Powered Subwoofer

 Easy studio integration 

For easy integration with your studio, the rear panel of the MRS10 features both balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs, AC mains voltage selector, power switch, and IEC connector. Also on the rear panel is a 1/4″ bypass jack for the included footswitch, Auto Power on/off switch, Polarity switch, 4-position Crossover selector (40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 180Hz), and level knob, ranging from -30dB to +6dB, with a marked position for unity gain.

Custom-tuned, rear shelf port 

At the top of the rear panel, above the connectors and room-compensation controls, is an oval-shaped port. This custom-tuned rear shelf port uses the radiation from the rear of the woofer cone to extend the low- frequency response of the speaker. The size of the port is carefully designed with respect to the cabinet volume and woofer characteristics to produce low-frequency extension.

Designed for confident mix decisions and translation

The ability to mix with confidence to ensure proper translation to other systems and listening environments is what professional monitors are all about. However, in some budget systems, corners are cut to keep prices down, which also can negatively affect sonic accuracy. The MRS10 Powered Studio Subwoofer is packed with features
that enable it to perform well beyond its price point. From the added
punch and bass extension provided by the custom-tuned ports to the rugged cabinet packed with sound-tightening acoustic absorption material, you can mix with confidence, knowing that the MRS10 subwoofer is revealing the natural, low-end character of your music.

Mackie MRS10 suggested applications

An MRS10 Powered Studio Subwoofer may be used in a variety of applications. Some examples include:

Home and project studios: Music production for solo artists, small bands, and DJs. Video post-production mix and edit suites; and recording, editing, mixing, and mastering from spoken word performances to full music productions.

A/V broadcast studios: Live broadcast/streaming of audio-only or AV content, such as radio and television. Voiceovers, and production and post-production for podcasts
and other streaming audio.

Video post-production: Edit suites for small productions such as commercials, budget LMS (learning management system), or multimedia for internet broadcast, etc.

Home theater and other multimedia: Music and movie playback, video game sound system, social function/party system, etc.

The MRS10 Powered Studio Subwoofer delivers powerful, yet controlled low-end extension for music that relies on chest-thumping bass for its soul and character. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.


Mackie MRS10 specifications:

Acoustic Performance

  • Frequency Range (–3 dB): 35 Hz – 180 Hz
  • Frequency Range (–10 dB): 28 Hz – 180 Hz
  • Maximum SPL Peak: 119 dB


  • Woofer: 10″ / 254 mm


  • Low Frequency Power: 120 watts, 4 ohm load, 240 watts peak
  • Type: Monolithic IC, Class D with DMOS power stage

Electronic Crossover

  • Crossover Type: 12dB/octave
  • Crossover Frequency: 40Hz–180Hz [Adjustable]
  • Sensitivity: +4 dBu at 65 Hz for full output
  • Input Impedance: 20k ohm, balanced; 10k ohm unbalanced

Power Requirements

  • ~100V – 120V, 50/60Hz, 250W; ~220V – 240V, 50/60Hz, 250W
  • Fuse: 100-120V unit: T 2.5AL 250V; 220-240V unit: T 1.25AL 250V

Physical Dimensions and Weight

  • Enclosure: 5/8″ / 15 mm thick MDF with 1-5/16″ / 33 mm MDF front panel
  • Damping: Adiabatic batting
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 15″ x 12-19/32″ x 15-3/16″ (382 x 321 x 86 mm)
  • Weight: 33.1 lb. (15.0 kg)

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 13 x 15 in

1/4", XLR



Frequency Range

35Hz – 180Hz






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