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Precision synchronizer for music and audio post production

Keep your Pro Tools system and connected devices all in sync and running smoothly—no matter how complex your setup. Pro Tools | Sync X serves as the backbone of any audio post or large music production, providing reliable low-jitter clocking, near sample-accurate lock, and precision frame edge alignment. It supports all industry-standard clock sources, pull up/down rates, timecode rates, and HD/SD formats. And its onboard video reference signal generator enables video peripherals to be locked directly, streamlining your production environment.

Pro Tools | Sync X is a master clock and essential device for maintaining precise synchronization across multiple Pro Tools systems, audio interfaces, video playback devices, and other digital gear. It’s a critical component for dubbing, ADR, Foley, and other complex audio post workflows and a must-have in every room of your facility that requires audio sync to picture. Its extensive I/O and format support makes it easy to connect with a wide range of devices. And it delivers rock- solid performance, eliminating drift.

For independent re-recording mixers, sound designers, sound editors, and audio freelancers, Pro Tools | Sync X is an essential master clock device for maintaining precise synchronization between your Pro Tools system, interfaces, and video playback device. It’s a vital component for smaller post rooms, providing near sample-accurate lock to picture. And with its low-jitter clock and onboard video reference generator, it eliminates the need for extra hardware, reducing costs.

The ultimate sync for post

Sync X is the foundation of modern audio post production, providing near sample-accurate frame edge alignment between video and audio. Leveraging the patented DigiSerial Port technology connection to Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native, it enables precise sync between audio sample position and video frame edge. In multi-operator mixing environments, where dialogue, music, and sound effects are handled by separate systems, that means all of your audio and video devices will sync and play at precisely the exact same spot you intended. Every time you press play or record.

Your video reference and clocking command center

With its built-in video reference generator and support for all industry-standard clock references, video references, pull-up/down rates, and HD/SD formats for film and TV, Sync X is the ideal central reference device for syncing your entire studio. No external video reference generator required. Plus, everything can be configured and controlled right from Pro Tools.

Impeccable sound quality

When working on scoring stages and other demanding recording situations where immaculate sound is a mandate, Sync X easily locks to ultra-precise atomic master clocks used in these types of environments through its 10 MHz clock input. In addition, its high-fidelity, exceptionally low-jitter clock preserves the quality of your signals for pristine audio capture and playback.

Highly reliable and accurate

Designed to shine in the most mission critical environments, Sync X consistently delivers the tight frame edge sync you need with unwavering accuracy. And with its temperature-compensated oscillator design, which stays steady—even through temperature fluctuations—you can rack it up with other gear without fear that the heat will cause it to drift.

Key Features:

Get accurate sync and frame edge alignment

Working in concert with all major clock and video reference formats, Sync X keeps your audio and video devices in sync, enabling Pro Tools to automatically align to the video frame edge with complete positional accuracy—a critical requirement for dubbing workflows.

Gain flexibility with the onboard video reference generator

No need to rely on video reference from an external device. Sync X provides an onboard video reference generator with four outputs to distribute signals to other peripherals, cutting complexity and costs. If you already have an external video reference generator, Sync X can receive video reference too, with automatic format detection.

Easily sync multiple devices

Sync X supports all industry-standard clock sources (including Word Clock, Loop Sync, and AES3), positional reference formats (including LTC, Serial Timecode, and Bi-Phase/Tach), SD and HD reference formats, and pull-up/pull-down rates for film and video, making it an easy fit into any audio post-production environment.

Lock to sources fast and flawlessly

With exceptionally low jitter JetPLL clocking technology, Sync X locks to external sources faster and more accurately than its predecessor, Pro Tools | SYNC HD. Its master oscillator runs at 100 MHz—a double resolution implementation that’s twice as fast as typical JetPLL-based clocks. And twice as accurate.

Sync up your entire studio

With six ultra-low-jitter Word Clock outputs, you can distribute clock signal to other Pro Tools interfaces and audio devices to keep everything in sync.

Get flexibility with 10 MHz and AES3id I/O

Sync X makes it easy to work with high-end master clocks by locking to them through its 10 MHz clock input. In environments that require long cable runs, such as across large post facilities, you can send or receive AES3 or AES3id signal to supported devices, giving you greater flexibility.

Streamline dual operator workflows

Sync X enables multiple Satellite-linked Pro Tools systems to sync in tandem to support multi- operator mixing environments, where dialogue, music, and sound effects are handled by separate systems. This eliminates any possible drift to maintain near sample-accurate lock to frame edge.

Control Sync X and other devices from Pro Tools

From configuring your clock and video reference sources, to selecting pull down rates and fine- tuning device speeds, all Sync X settings can be controlled directly in Pro Tools | Ultimate. It also offers a 9-pin connection, enabling you to control other devices from Pro Tools, like a video deck.

Keep cool when production gets hot

Temperature fluctuations can sometimes affect a device’s musical pitch. With a temperature- compensated oscillator, Sync X always provides reliable clocking—even as temperatures vary— maintaining frequency accuracy to within ±1 part per million over its rated temperature range to keep things pitch perfect.

Get peace of mind with minimal downtime

For large audio post facilities and organizations that operate on constant deadlines, Avid offers a Pro Tools | Sync X Extended Hardware Support Plan that extends the standard 1-year hardware warranty to a 3-year support plan. Available for purchase within the first 90 days of registration, it also provides zero-downtime advanced hardware replacement with overnight shipping, so you can keep working—not waiting on a repair.

Key Specs:

  • Loop Sync I/O
  • Word Clock I/O (1 in, 6 outs)
  • 10 MHz Clock in
  • AES3 and AES3id I/O
  • GPIO, Bi-Phase/Tach in, Pilot in
  • LTC I/O
  • MTC out
  • 9-pin (for machine control)
  • Video Reference Generator (4 outs)
  • Video Reference I/O (1 in, 2 outs)
  • Host Serial port

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