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Desert (Island) Microphone

Inspired by classic solid-state microphones like the U 87 and C414, Mojave Audio’s MA-301fet features a 3-position pickup-pattern selector, a 15dB pad, and a switchable bass roll-off making it one versatile microphone to complement any mic arsenal.

From acoustic instruments like violin, stand-up bass, and guitar, to every range of vocalist, the MA-301fet produces a sonic clarity that rivals other microphones both within and outside the MA-301fet’s price range. Put the MA-301fet in front of amp cabs, horn sections, or overheads and accurately capture the power and rhythm of some of the most difficult sources to record. 

About Mojave Audio

When Dusty discovered Royer mics in 2000, he caught ribbon fever and picked up a number of Royers for Mad Dog Studios, leading to a close relationship with Royer Labs. Upon seeing and hearing David Royer’s prototype for the MA-200, Dusty was blown away. His enthusiasm for the mic led to Dusty joining Mojave Audio in September of 2005. 

Since then, Dusty and David have built Mojave Audio into the beloved brand it is today, with the help of engineer and pro audio veteran Colin Liebich, who joined the team in 2019 and has brought the company to new heights.

With the MA-37 winning the 2023 NAMM TEC Award for best recording microphone, Mojave Audio continues to deliver on their promise of world-class quality with every mic they build.

In his 40+ years in the music business, Mojave Audio president Dusty Wakeman has worn a lot of hats – producer, engineer, musician, and studio owner, to name a few. His work with Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams, Roy Orbison, Michelle Shocked, Buck Owens and many other artists has helped generate a number of multi-platinum and Grammy-winning records. 

Growing up in Texas, Dusty Wakeman developed a love for playing music and engineering. After moving to Los Angeles in 1977, he became store manager at West L.A. Music, which would ultimately evolve into Westlake Pro as we know it today. In 1980, Dusty founded Mad Dog Studios, which he owned and operated for 28 years. 

During that time, David Royer would start Mojave Audio in 1985 in Fullerton, California, where he ran a one-man, custom pro audio gear shop in the garage of his house. David is best known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs, but he originally started out designing and building vacuum tube microphones, mic preamps and compressors for engineers in the Los Angeles area.

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The MA-201fet is a solid-state condenser microphone that sounds incredible on everything, including vocals, drums, electric guitars, and acoustic instruments. Sharing the same inner workings as the MA-301fet, the 201fet can perfectly capture anything you put it in front of, including high SPL sources such as kick drums and bass guitar amps.


The MA-37 is David Royer’s modern take on the legendary Sony C-37a. It features a unique mechanical approach, developed by RCA in the 1930s and adapted by Sony, to achieving a choice between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns – an adjustable tuned acoustic chamber. Having won the 2023 NAMM TEC Award for best recording microphone, the MA-37’s success speaks for itself.


Drawing inspiration from some of yesterday’s most revered microphones, David Royer created a thoroughly modern tube microphone that boasts a sweet, airy top end, “you-are-there” realism in the mids, and an accurate yet authoritative bottom end. The MA-1000 has been exhaustively field tested against microphones often costing $20K or more – universally evoking the same “Wow” response usually reserved for only the most prized vintage mics like the ELA M 251.


The MA-300 provides the same warm, full sound as the MA-200, sharing the same inner mechanisms and offering even greater versatility with the addition of a variable pickup pattern selector, 15dB pad, and a switchable bass roll-off. If a Neumann U67 is out of your budget, the MA-200 can achieve the same incredible results for a fraction of the price.


The MA-200 gives warm, full-bodied reproductions of vocals and instruments, with none of the shrillness and high-frequency distortion artifacts that are often encountered with modern condenser microphones. It especially shines on huge vocal and acoustic-heavy sources, such as pianos, drums, and orchestral and choral recordings.


The MA-50 is the perfect entry point for pros and semi-pros alike who are looking to get started with Mojave. Utilizing the same single-sided capsule as the MA-200 and MA-201fet, it handles the fastest transients with ease – even up to 140 dB. Designed to produce the clarity and realism that Mojave microphones are known for, the MA-50 outperforms well-known transformerless mics costing many times more. 


This handheld dynamic microphone offers a smooth alternative to the harsh presence peak found on other dynamic mics while maintaining a very accessible price point. Perfectly suited for both live sound and at-home recording, the MA-D especially shines on vocals, including voice-over and broadcast, as well as drums, guitar and bass amps, and brass instruments.

NAMM at Anaheim Convention Center

Hear The MA-D On The NAMM Floor!

We put Mojave Audio’s MA-D to the test and used it when meeting up with various vendors at NAMM 2023. Watch the videos and give the MA-D a listen!

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