Kendyle Paige's Latest
Music Video 'BullsEye'

Kendyle Paige’s story is one of love, hard work, and serendipity. Born to a Grammy-winning family, Kendyle has taken her own path and risen to international notoriety after a series of successful television appearances and producer collaborations. This includes the hit single “Cravin” produced by Stileto, which has garnered acclaim, trended on social channels, and accrued more than 12M streams and placements on 36K playlists. 

Kendyle’s music covers themes like ambivalence; the complexity and dichotomy of human emotions – the pain of feeling two ways. Mirroring this, Kendyle has lived in both New York and Los Angeles, and has experienced the long drive from coast to coast in both directions, always balancing the conflict of needing to leave family behind while trying to maintain and build a family.

Westlake Pro is proud to have talent like Kendyle Paige on our team, and we’re excited to share her latest music video for her new song BullsEye – watch it below!

More About Kendyle Paige

Only a few of us are lucky enough to be born with the insatiable desire to perform live in front of an audience, and such is the case with Westlake Pro’s Executive Assistant Kendyle Paige. Ever since the age of nine, Kendyle has strived to follow in the footsteps of her uncle, Grammy Award Winning Jazz flutist Dave Valentin. With a strong work ethic and a burning passion for performing, Kendyle pounded the pavement looking for opportunities to appear on stage. She quickly went from small local stages to legendary New York & Los Angeles venues including The Bitter End, SOB’s, and The Viper Room, just to name a few.

Kendyle continued to climb the ladder when she teamed up with producer Brandon Lee Richardson. Together, the two collaborated to produce Kendyle’s first album, Keep in Mind, It May Be Behind You, which featured her debut single Flower back in 2018. Collectively, the album reached over half a million streams vindicating Kendyle’s passion. With great success, the duo continued working together bringing us to their latest release, ‘BullsEye.’

First Listen: BullsEye

Following her hypnotic single “Brainless” comes Paige’s latest release “BullsEye”. A sultry down-tempo offering about independence, Kendyle’s vocals envelop you and gently pull you into her love-loss, push-pull relationship struggles. With the warmth and comfort of a Norah Jones ballad, Paige seduces you with her heart on her sleeve, ready to be understood and celebrated for being who she truly is.

"The positive work environment at Westlake Pro has enabled me to pursue my passions in the industry"

In the Studio: BullsEye

Westlake Pro:  BullsEye sounds great! Who was involved with this track?

Kendyle Paige: I wrote and performed the song and Brandon Lee Richardson, the producer on my first album, produced, composed, and arranged the track.

WLP:  Are there any specific instruments or plugins used to help shape the sound of the song?

KP: Yeah! We did all the recording and sequencing in Logic Pro X and used the Yamaha Motif XS8 for a lot of the sounds. We also used a lot of plugins from iZotope Music Production Suite 4, Waves, and Fab-Filter.

WLP:  How have you been able to balance your work with Westlake Pro and your work as an artist?

KP:  The positive work environment at Westlake Pro has enabled me to pursue my passions in the industry. 
As an independent artist, it’s crucial that I can work full time and still be an artist.

What's Next from Kendyle Paige

From the catchy earworms that appear on her latest EP, ‘Before We Had Time, We Had Fire,’ which includes ‘Brainless,’ we’re very excited to hear more from Kendyle Paige. She’s in the midst of working on her second studio album, which is set to release in 2022.

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