Triad-Orbit M2 Micro 2 Short Stem Adaptor

M2 Micro 2 Short Stem Adaptor


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Precise Positioning for Perfect Mic Placement

One of Triad-Orbit’s leading features is their exclusive Compass Point ball swivel which allows you to easily setup, swap out and securely setup your microphones. This technology allows you adjust the positioning of your microphones with unprecedented precision, opening up new sounds from your favorite mics. Another benefit to this revolutionary Compass Point swivel is the ability to set mics in otherwise difficult or compromising positions. Fully equipped with Triad-Orbit’s IO quick-change coupler, the M2 allows you to quickly set, swap and strike microphones to streamline your sessions, while their unique locking systems will safely carry even your most valuable mics. The Triad-Orbit M2 Micro 2 Short Stem Adaptor is specially designed for microphones with a smaller profile including small-diaphragm condensers, hand-held dynamics and many of the most popular ribbon mics. Of course, if you’re looking for the same functionality for your large diaphragm condensers or mics held by larger shock mounts, be sure to check out the Triad-Orbit M1 Micro 1 Long Stem Adaptor which brings all the same features to your whole mic collection!

See how award-winning engineer Francesco Cameli uses Triad-Orbit’s Advanced Stand Systems in this clip from our proSESSIONS series at Sphere Studios.

The M2 Short Stem Adaptor comes bundled with the three of Triad-Orbit’s most popular stand systems including the T1/01/M2T2/01/M2 and T3/01/M2.

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