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The industry’s most ubiquitous music and post-production workstation software evolves to accommodate the changing needs of audio professionals

Avid Pro Tools Native software remains the professional’s choice for a reason; it’s built for and by audio professionals, whose ongoing workflow experience making records and film soundtrack is incorporated into all new Pro Tools features. Pro Tools Native enables you to record, edit, and mix great sounding music and soundtracks faster and easier, thanks to implementing features suggested by top recording professionals. With features such as VCA mixing, disk cache, extended metering, and over 60 stellar virtual instruments, effects, and sound processing plug-ins, you can compose and create superior-sounding projects faster and easier. With Pro Tools, you can simultaneously play back up to 128 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 512 MIDI tracks at up to 32-bit/192kHz resolution.


What’s new in Avid Pro Tools software:

• Record, edit, and mix projects with other music creators anywhere via Cloud Collaboration
• Freeze tracks, render in place, and bounce stems
• Easy track alignment with clip transparency
• Time-saving batch fades
• Monthly or annual upgrade, support and reinstatement plans
• Simultaneously play back up to 128 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 512 MIDI tracks
• VCA faders, 17 advanced metering options, and more
• Convolution reverb plug-in
• Realistic emulations of 16 coveted vintage plug-ins
• Free app for touch screen control of Pro Tools Native using an Apple iPad Air
• Optional access to 17 bonus plug-ins

*All Pro Tools upgrades are now only available through an All Access Avid Annual Upgrade Plan. To continue receiving access to new Pro Tools releases, you will need to renew your plan annually. If you allow your plan to expire before renewing, you can reinstate your plan at any time for $299 (first year for an Annual Upgrade Plan reinstatement and $99/year thereafter).

Cloud Collaboration

With Avid Cloud Collaboration, you can build the world’s largest studio without picking up a hammer or nail. Imagine a control room in Los Angeles, a live room in New York City, and an edit bay in Barcelona. With your head in the Cloud, You can record, edit, and mix projects with other music creators as though you’re all in the same studio, and find new collaborators through the online Avid Artist Community

Track Freeze, Commit, and Bounce

As plug-in code gets heavier and virtual instruments suck up more and more RAM, it’s essential to find ways to free up system resources without impacting your workflow, forcing you to commit to processing choices early on, or running tracks through a second round of conversion. Pro Tools Native increases system performance and lightens workflow with Track Freeze, which enables you to freeze or unfreeze all plug-ins on a track—or just up to a certain insert; Track Commit renders the track (or an edit selection) permanently; and Track Bounce lets you render stems for fast and easy file delivery.

Position clips more precisely with Clip Transparency

One thing you can count on in long editing sessions is accidentally moving a track out of place, or blending snare samples with a drum replacement plug-in and having to move some of them into place to line up attacks. In other DAWs, it’s pretty much hit or miss, but with Pro Tools clip transparency, clips take on a translucent appearance when you move and overlap them, giving you better visual clarity to line up attack transients. This enables you to quickly align waveforms with much better precision and ease.

Time-saving batch fades

Fading can be time-consuming and tedious when editing thousands of audio clips. With Pro Tools Native’s new fade enhancements, you can speed through mind-numbing repetition to focus on the creative aspects of your mix. Create and tweak presets for fade-ins, fade-outs, crossfades, and batch fades. Recall presets directly from your keyboard or control surface, and control fade settings independently when working with batch fades.

Protect your investment with a Pro Tools subscription

With a Pro Tools subscription, you don’t have to reinvest in software upgrades or buy new plug-ins to get the latest functionality. You get access to all new Pro Tools releases, expert support, and a bonus collection of plug-ins. When you purchase a perpetual license, you get access to all new releases and bonus plug-ins for one year. To stay current, renew your Annual Upgrade Plan for $99/year and maintain your plug-in access with the Plug-in and Support Plan for $99/year. You can also upgrade an older version of Pro Tools by purchasing an Upgrade Reinstatement Plan.

Size doesn’t matter

If you’re working with a large ensemble, be it big band or 100-piece symphony orchestra, or a dense soundtrack for a movie or video, you won’t run out of tracks. With the latest version of Pro Tools, you can simultaneously play back up to 128 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 512 MIDI tracks.

Get the ultimate mixing experience

Nobody records with just one mic these days, and track counts continually increase, because we can. However, when you sit down to mix 200 tracks, that 3-dimenional chess game we call mixing, would give Spock a run for his logic. With Pro Tools as your science officer, mixing gets a whole lot easier and more efficient with features such as VCA faders, 17 advanced metering options, including K-system, VU, and other professional standards, plus gain-reduction metering on every channel to gauge dynamics. Pro Tools provides smooth, reliable performance and highly responsive recording and playback with the extended Disk Cache feature, which loads entire sessions into RAM—no matter the size (we did say size didn’t matter).

Space out with Pro Tools

There are two ways to go about taking up space: one is convoluted, the other, is convolution, which is far more preferable, especially if you want to add the sense of size and reality space to your mix. Pro Tools gives you Space. Not personal space, but a high-quality convolution reverb plug-in of the same name that lets you create natural-sounding environments to give your mix more atmosphere—from small rooms to the largest concert halls. Simply access this bonus plug-in (a $499 value) through your Pro Tools subscription or Annual Plug-in and Support Plan.

Tools for the capacitor-sniffing tone snob

If you’re militant about your guitar tone, you can have the sounds of the most coveted stomp boxes without the noise, batteries, or unsightly wall-warts. With your Annual Plug-in and Support Plan or subscription, you gain access to 16bonus plug-ins that let you shred with realistic emulations of the Pro Co Rat, Ibanez Tube Screamer, and Big Muff Pi distortion pedals. Go all Jimi Hendrix on yourself with the unmistakable sounds of the Cry Baby wah and Leslie rotary speaker. You also get reverb, delay, and other vintage sounds. Not a guitar player—no worries. You can go modern and use these plug-ins to enhance any type of track.

Stay on track

Pro Tools software makes tracking vocals and instrument performances faster and easier than ever. Features such as track input monitoring let you rehearse and record more easily. Pro Tools ability to copy fader settings to the sends lets you preserve the muse and save precious time dialing cue mixes for musicians raring to go. Additionally, you can solo tracks in PFL (pre-fader listen) or AFL (after-fader listen) mode.

iPad therefore iAm

What would Avid be if Pro Tools didn’t give you some futuristic, fun features? Instead of using Apple’s iPad Air to take widescreen, life-threatening selfies, you can exterminate the mouse and use your iPad with Avid’s free Pro Tools|Control iOS app. With Control, you add touch screen functionality to your Pro Tools rig and other EUCON-enabled audio and video software, just like the big boys and girls who use the Avid S6 control surface. Tickle life into your mix by riding multiple faders with your fingertips, trigger complex macros with a tap, and navigate large, uncharted mixes with a swipe of your finger. Did we mention that it’s free? That’s right, Pro Tools|Control is absolutely FREE. (Don’t say Avid never gave you anything.)

Compose and Record

Capture the highest quality audio

Pro Tools Native can record high-quality audio at up to 32-bit/192kHzwith a supported Avid audio interface. Pro Tools Native provides exceptional low latency for inspired tracking, and unchains spontaneity with the ability to track multiple passes of a section. Pro Tools Native takes the worry out of punching in with QuickPunch, which lets you punch in non-destructively. Pro Tools  lets you craft perfect performances by making comping tracks together easy and intuitive.

Make music—virtually

No instrument? No problem. Get access to a wide range of virtual instruments to record the parts you need. Lay down beats with the drum machine, samples, and loops. Add bass, guitar, horns, strings, piano, and other accompaniments. And layer in a variety of other sounds to build up your song—from world instruments to sound effects. No matter what music genre is at hand, you’ll find thousands of possibilities to explore.

Turn ideas into masterpieces

Take your songwriting from sketchpad to final production with speed and ease. Create and finesse every virtual instrument or MIDI performance—from tweaking individual notes, to adjusting dynamics, timing, and more. Write music using standard notation tools in the built-in Score Editor. You can even export sessions to Sibelius for further finessing.

Create with power

When your creativity is flowing, you don’t want your software getting in the way. With Pro Tools, you get 64-bit performance and dynamic host processing to keep your sessions running smoothly. So go ahead and add all of the virtual instruments and effects you want. Pro Tools won’t slow you down.

Work with sound for picture

Pro Tools is more than just sound—you can work with audio for movies, television, and other visual media too. Play HD video and Avid DNxHD sequences right in the timeline. Edit with precision using the built-in Time code Ruler. Clean up sound using the included plug-ins. Create sound effects that define (or defy) reality. Work easily with Audio Suite-rendered clips. And record and edit voice-overs, Foley, and ADR with perfect frame accuracy. You can even share audio mixes with Media Composer editors through AAF (advanced authoring format designed for video post).

Collaborate with others

Collaboration has never been easier. With Pro Tools, you can exchange sessions with any Pro Tools user or studio. Or work on projects created in other audio and video software—including Media Composer, Logic, and Cubase—right in Pro Tools. And once Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools is available in wide release, you’ll be able to collaborate on projects with anyone, anywhere, over the cloud.

Advanced Editing Features:

Elastic audio

Audio becomes as pliable and responsive to edits as MIDI with Pro Tools Native elastic editing. Whether you’re fixing timing errors or pitch problems, you can change the tempo or timing of a clip or entire composition on the fly with Elastic Time. Pro Tools Native Elastic Pitch can make pitch alterations over wide intervals without artifacts. You can even create vocal harmonies and transpose clips in real time, without altering the tempo.

Precision editing

Pro Tools Native’s sample-accurate editing tools enable you to comp the perfect vocal performance or instrument solo, balance volume levels with Clip Gain, and create smooth crossfade transitions. Additionally, the Smart Tool is designed to speed up editing and mixing tasks. The leading DAW platform for audio editing for decades, Pro Tools Native provides everything you need to perfect your tracks from within a single Edit window.

Get into the groove

After hours of takes, you finally get that magical performance with feel and emotion, only to discover at mix down that some inevitable timing glitches occurred—the kind that are too distracting to ignore. Do you throw out a great performance? With Pro Tools Native’s Beat Detective, you can quickly fix timing issues across multiple tracks and save a great performance. On the creative side, you can change the feel of a beat altogether to make a different groove. And rather than side-chaining a gate with on the bass track triggered by the kick drum (which can cost you attacks and note duration, you can even use Beat Detective to put your rhythm section in the pocket by extracting the groove from a drum track and applying it to the bass part.

Mix and share

A sound-shaper’s candy store

Pro Tools Native comes packed with 75 effects, sound-processing, and utility plug-ins, from high-quality reverbs, EQs, and compressors, to guitar amp emulators, surround sound fold-down, and channel strip dynamics—everything you need to create professional mixes right out of the box. Of course, when it comes to sound-tools and toys, you can never have too many. The Avid Marketplace is your AAX plug-in shopping mall where you are welcome to hang out anytime.

System 5 sound

Avid’s System 5 (formerly Euphonix) is one of the most sought-after digital audio consoles, not just for its advanced, streamlined functionality, but for it’s sound quality as well. Avid System 5 consoles have been used to create some of the greatest music and movie mixes ever produced, and now that sound has been ported to Pro Tools Native with the included Avid Channel Strip plug-in, an exact replication of the renowned EQ and compression algorithms of the System 5. Add System 5’s legendary warmth, energy, and clarity to your mixes with the Avid Channel Strip plug-in.

Don’t get caught in the mousetrap

Computer mice were a clever innovation in 1964, and two decades later, shipped with the first Apple Macintosh. Suffice to say, it wasn’t invented with music mixing and editing in mind. Recording consoles with knobs and faders were invented to mix music. You can use a mouse to make changes to your mix if carpal tunnel syndrome is your goal (like Chris Rock once said, “Sure, you can drive with your feet, but that doesn’t make it a good idea). On the other hand, or both hands in this case, you can work with an Avid control surface to mix music the way it should be and finish projects faster. You get seamless integration and most efficient hands-on control when you pair Pro Tools with an Avid control surface. There are Avid control surfaces to fit every budget and workflow, such as the S6, S3, Artist Series, and Dock.

Make your mix pop with automation

Music is all about dynamic movement, and sometimes, in the goal to keep meters from pinning in the red, compression during tracking and later at mixing can suck the life out of a mix. With Pro Tools, you can automate the settings of nearly every element in your mix, and give those transitions, turnarounds, and crescendos a little help where they need it. Plus, as plug-in counts increase, phase problems can ensure. With Pro Tool’s Native Automatic Delay Compensation, now 4x more powerful, you’ll get great sounding, phase-accurate mixes with even the largest sessions.

Express mix down with offline bounce

Much faster than real time mix down, Pro Tools offline bounce can deliver final mixes or stems up to 150x faster, with no compromise in audio quality, thanks to time-stamped automation. If you mix radio programs, television, or other long-format shows, this feature alone will save you hours of time daily.

Thanks for sharing

If you want to get your music out to the world, Pro Tools makes it easy for you to promote your music and skills to an extensive network of media professionals. Find collaborators in the online Avid Artist Community, share files with direct SoundCloud support, or bounce mixes to your iTunes library.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for the latest Pro Tools features to enhance your workflow, or looking to take your first steps into a vast world of audio processing, make Pro Tools12 your DAW of choice. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro Audio Professional today.


System requirements for Avid Pro Tools


• Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.8.5 (only supported below Pro Tools 12.5), 10.9.0 – 10.9.5, 10.10.0 – 10.10.5 or 10.11 – 10.11.3
• Intel® Core i5 processor
• 8GB RAM (16GB or more recommended)
• Internet connection for installation
• 15GB disk space for installation
• USB-port for iLok 2 authorization
• USB-port, FireWire-port or Thunderbolt-port for Core Audio-supported audio device
• Supports 64-bit AAX plug-ins in Pro Tools


• Intel® PC with Windows 7 64-bit (Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate Editions), Windows 8/8.1 64-bit (Standard and Pro Editions) or Windows 10 64-bit (Enterprise, Pro, or Home Editions)
• Intel® Core i5 processor
• 8GB RAM (16GB or more recommended)
• Internet connection for installation
• 15GB disk space for installation
• USB-port for iLok 2 authorization
• USB-port or FireWire-port for ASIO-supported audio device
• Supports 64-bit AAX plug-ins in Pro Tools

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