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Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE – 84hp Eurorack Starter Kit

Full Eurorack starter kit with 84hp case, Chipz and Cellz modules, blank panels, and patch cables


Special 12-Month No-Interest Financing.

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A Full Eurorack Package from Cre8audio

Cre8audio describes the NiftyBUNDLE as “a pretty awesome box full of junk” and, “the most fun bundle of synthy crap for the money”.

NiftyBUNDLE is a collection of Cre8audio’s most essential euro rack synth components:
Case, modules, power, MIDI to CV, and “enough patch cables to get into trouble” are all included.

The NiftyBUNDLE is made up of the following Cre8audio components:


The Cre8audio NiftyCASE is a moderately sized euro rack case with HUGE possibilities!

NiftyCASE is more than just a basic eurorack case; it provides all the power and connection possibilities you could possibly ask for. NiftyCASE offers a beefy 2A of cumulative current via its +12v -12v and +5v power rails, ideal for all your modules.

Connecting your NiftyCASE to computers or MIDI devices is a breeze thanks to the built-in MIDI to CV conversion. NiftyCASE takes either DIN-MIDI from any DIN-MIDI device or USB-MIDI from your computer and turns it into eurorack compatible CV, gate, mod, and clock signals.
NiftyCASE’s DIN-MIDI thru lets you easily daisy-chain multiple NiftyCASES and easily integrate NiftyCASE with your MIDI equipment.

The NiftyCASE is the perfect size for a portable eurorack case being 84hp wide; that means NiftyCASE isn’t super tiny or super huge. We asked Cre8audio how long it took their R&D team to arrive at the perfect size; they told it was just the right size for all of the cardboard boxes they bought to ship it to you in.

Chipz and Cellz modules

Chipz is a chiptune-inspired eurorack synth module, which will take you back to the halcyon sounds of the ‘80s. This small module features a dual VCO and dual LFO module with each offering sine, triangle, saw, square, and noise waveforms.

Cellz is another wacky module from the deranged minds over at Cre8audio. A programmable CV touchpad where each touch segment can be tuned to 2 different CV values then played by hand, sequenced, and arpeggiated.

Box ‘O’ Cables & Blanking Panels

To get you up and running, the NiftyBUNDLE also comes with Cre8audio’s Box ‘O’ Cables, allowing you to get patching and making noise straight away. The NiftyBUNDLE also includes some Cre8audio branded panel blanks to fill empty eurorack space.

Included in the NiftyBUNDLE:

  • NiftyCASE
  • NiftyCASE 15v 2.4A PSU
  • Chipz
  • Cellz
  • Box ‘O’ Cables
  • 2x Cre8audio panel blanks