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Avid Pro Tools | First is a FREE version of Pro Tools software created to introduce the industry-standard DAW to new users who want to experience Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools | First is a FREE download gives new and competing DAW users an opportunity to experience first hand why Pro Tools has been the leading DAW platform for music and film post-production. Pro Tools | First is a lite version of Pro Tools, using the same format as the full version. It allows 16 audio tracks, 16 virtual instrument tracks, and enables you to record up to four tracks simultaneously. Don’t have a virtual instrument? No worries. Pro Tools | First comes with Xpand!2 plus a 500MB library of samples, loops, and sounds. It also includes project templates in various genres to help you create and record music right away.

Avid Pro Tools | First in one take:

  • Session templates in various genres for easy start-up
  • Loop recording
  • Includes Xpand!2 virtual instrument
  • MIDI editing tools
  • Soundbase helps you locate loops, samples, and sounds from a 500MB sample library
  • 20 effects and utility plug-ins
  • Track freeze saves CPU resources
  • Record up to four tracks simultaneously
  • Collaborate with musicians anywhere in the world as a member of Avid’s Artist Community


Session templates get you started

With all the features and possibilities of DAWs, it’s easy to drown in a sea of possibilities. To avoid being immobilized by seemingly limitless options, professional engineers have literally spent years creating templates based on how they prefer to mix, complete with favorite plug-ins for specific instruments set up and ready to go. To give you a taste of what the pros do, Pro Tools | First offers you a variety of session templates, including rock, pop, electronica, hip-hop, and jazz. Each template comes preloaded with appropriate instrument tracks for each genre, so you can start creating right away. Or, if you prefer to work intuitively, you can start from scratch and build your own session.


Loop recording makes tracking more convenient, especially if you’re working alone. Just set the markers and keep going until you nail your part. Not just for experimentation, or giving your drummer the opportunity to learn chess as you seek the penultimate solo, loop recording is also great for combining takes for the perfect performance (what the pros call “comping”).

Included Xpand!2 virtual instrument

So you don’t find yourself all DAWed up with no place to go, Pro Tools | First includes a virtual instrument you can use to create lush sound beds. Xpand!2 offers an incredible range of sounds, from beats and loops, to guitar power chords. And, if you have a fever, with only one cure, Xpand!2 even gives you more cowbell. Start off with drums, add a “Walken” bass, plus guitars, pianos, and synths. Add background dynamics with strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, sound effects, and more. Avid Pro Tools | First lets you stack up to 16 virtual instrument tracks for a big, layered sound.

Fix it before you mix

Pro Tools | First offers professional editing tools to to craft your MIDI tracks into perfect performances. All you need to do is click and drag. You can change tempo, pitch and fix timing, and adjust the volume of each note to give your music the proper feel and expression. (High-level expression tip: The dissonant non-chord tone in a phrase should be louder than the chord tone it resolves to.)

Locate loops with Soundbase

It’s nice having tons of sample and loops to choose from, but wading through them to find the right ones can drive you, well . . . loopy. To narrow the search so you can get busy recording, Soundbase lets you search sounds and instantly hear how they fit into your tracks. Plus, you get a 500MB loop library created by industry-leading producers and sound designers, making it even easier to produce professional-quality music.

Included effects and utility plug-ins

Pro Tools | First comes with over 20 effects and utility plug-ins to add some secret sauce to your tracks with EQ, dynamics, reverb and delay, as well as perform corrective and other useful tasks, such as dithering, phase reverse, generating click tracks, and more. Plus, you can expand your creative possibilities by visiting the in-app Marketplace, where you’ll find affordable virtual instruments, guitar effects, and more.

Track Freeze features save system resources

The better the virtual instrument, like Xpand!2, the more system resources it needs to do that voodoo that it does so well. Track Freeze, in essence, takes the plug-ins and settings on your track fools your CPU into thinking that it’s a recorded audio track, which in turn, frees up processing power. Of course, you can always unfreeze tracks should you change your mind. Another benefit of track freezing is for when you share sessions with collaborators, who will hear exactly what you intended—even if they don’t have the same plug-ins.

The Big Red Record Button

What happens when you hit the big red record button? Maybe something bad . . . maybe something good. We won’t know, until you press it and start tracking. Simply connect a mic or instrument and hit the beautiful shiny button, the jolly, candy-like red button—only this time, you could be making history instead of erasing it. With up to four simultaneous channels of recording, you can capture individual performances, or vocal and guitar, multiple vocalists, a live band session, or even drums using the famed four-mic setup Glynn Johns used on John Bonham’s drums. For best results, an audio interface is recommended.

Sharing is caring

With Pro Tools | First, you have access to Avid Artist Community, where you can connect with other artists, producers, and media professionals looking for music and collaborators. Simply create your profile, upload your songs, and promote yourself to the world.

Head in the clouds

Mick Jagger may have implored you to get off his cloud back in the ’60s, but in the true spirit of peace and love, Avid wants you to join them on theirs. Pro Tools | First supports cloud collaboration, so you can work on music practically anywhere you go. It enables you to record, edit, and mix projects with others as if you’re all together in the same studio. World music takes on a whole new meaning when you can make music with friends, artists, or producers, wherever they are in the world.

Save and sync up to three projects at a time using Avid’s free 1GB of introductory cloud storage. Or get expanded cloud storage, unlimited projects, local session saving, and the ability to invite others to collaborate with our premium cloud plans, starting at just $4.99/month.

To find out if Pro Tools is right for you, download Avid Pro Tools | First for FREE, and thank us later. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.


Pro Tools | First included plug-ins: 

  • AIR Xpand!2 virtual instrument
  • Dynamics III Compressor/Limiter
  • Dynamics III De-Esser
  • Dynamics III Expander/Gate
  • EQ III 1-Band
  • EQ III 7-Band
  • D-Verb (studio-quality reverbs)
  • Mod Delay III (modulating delay effects)
  • Click II (tempo-synced click track generator)
  • DC Offset (removes pops and clicks caused by poorly calibrated analog-to-digital convertors)
  • Dither (minimize quantization artifacts when reducing bit depth for 2-track master)
  • Gain (boost or lower an audio clip’s amplitude)
  • Invert (reverses phase of audio tracks)
  • Normalize (optimize volume level)
  • POWr Dither (maintain highest audio quality when reducing bit rate for mastering)
  • Reverse (flips an audio track for backward playback)
  • ReWire (stream audio and MIDI between Pro Tools and ReWire client applications)
  • Signal Generator (test tones for calibration)
  • Time Adjuster (delay compensation, gain compensation, and phase inversion)
  • Time Shift (time stretch and pitch shift)
  • Trim (attenuate individual channels from infinity to +6dB or +12dB


**Check out Avid’s Learn and Support web page for tutorials and other resources

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    celebrating christmas in the new normal will be a total game changer for me and my relatives, its all virtual

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    I love it

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    nice daw

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