Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer

49-key analog synth with 3 oscillators, multi-function matrix, 16×16 modulation routing, 64-step sequencer, 256 preset recall, and 12×12 CV I/O



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The Arturia MatrixBrute is an analog synthesizer with three oscillators, complex modulation capabilities, 12×12 CV I/O, and a matrix that functions as a 16×16 modulation router, 64-step sequencer, and recall for 256 presets  

Arturia MatrixBrute is old-fashioned analog synthesis done the modern way. The centerpiece of the MatrixBrute is, as its name suggests, an incredible modulation matrix that takes sound creation into new and uncharted sonic soundscapes. Not only can it be used to program and play sequences and assign modulation sources for evolving sounds, it also serves as a way to recall presets. With Arturia MatrixBrute, the only thing on the menu is creativity, as it has no hard-to-read display screens, complicated menu structures or oft-forgotten double functions—just pure analog knob-tweaking joy. The MatrixBrute also features three oscillators, a Steiner-Parker filter, ladder filter, and five analog effects.

Arturia MatrixBrute analog matrix synthesizer in one take:

  • Two “Brute style” oscillators with sub oscillator and wave shapers; unique third oscillator with sine, triangle, saw, and square waveforms can be used as sound or modulation source
  • Audio Mod section allows you to create complex audio modulations
  • Steiner-Parker multimode filter and classic Moog ladder filter can be routed in series or parallel for more sonic options
  • Multifunction Matrix for modulation routing, 64-step sequencing, and recall of up to 265 presets
  • Three LFO modulation sources and three envelopes
  • 12 CV (control voltage) inputs and outputs; use with Eurorack standard modules
  • Live-performance control includes 49-note velocity-sensing keyboard with aftertouch, pitch and mod wheels, and four assignable macro knobs that can be routed to the matrix
  • Five high-quality, true analog outboard effects including delays, chorus, flanging, and unique multi-tap reverberator

Three oscillators

 For tone generation purposes, the Arturia MatrixBrute is equipped with three oscillators. Two are “Brute-style” oscillators, each with its own sub oscillator and wave shapers used in the popular Minibrute. The UltraSaw feature makes the a single Brute oscillator sound like three detuned sawtooth oscillators. The Metalizer function when used on the triangle wave can take a sound from mellow to extreme. A sub-oscillator with a waveform control adds low-end beef.

There is also third oscillator with sine, triangle, saw, and square waveforms. This unique oscillator can simultaneously be used as an audio and modulation source. If that weren’t enough, Arturia added what is arguably the most advanced noise generation found on a production synth to date. With white, pink, red, and blue noise colors, you can create myriad new sounds. The noise generator can also function as a modulator to add some grit to the oscillators or filters.

Complex audio modulation

 The MatrixBrute has an Audio Mod section allows you to create complex audio modulation effects. You can route between oscillators to create dense cross-modulation sounds. Plus, you can also route oscillators and the noise generator to filters to add some dirt and grime to your sound.

Multimode and ladder filters

 The Steiner-Parker multimode filter that Arturia’s MiniBrute and MicroBrute are known for, has been reinvented with a Drive control to add thickness to the sound of the filter. Additionally Arturia modified it so that the slope can be 12dB per-octave like the original, or 24dB per-octave for even fatter sounds.

The transistor ladder filter, invented by Dr. Robert Moog, is perhaps the most famous filter used in synthesizers. Arturia brings you their modded version of this classic-sounding filter featuring a Drive control, 12dB and 24dB per-octave slopes, low pass, high pass, and band pass modes.

Multi-function Matrix

 Of particular note, and where the MatrixBrute gets its name, is the multi-function matrix. The matrix has three distinct functions: modulation router, 64-step sequencer, and preset recall.

Modulation routing

In the process of creating a programmable virtual modular synth, Arturia unexpectedly innovated technology that’s responsible for the matrix modulation that has become the centerpiece of the MatrixBrute. Via the matrix, you can route any of its 16 modulation sources to any 16 modulation destinations. There are four user-assignable destinations that allow you to customize each patch. You can set the amount of modulation for each cross-point on the matrix with the data dial. A much more flexible system than simple patch cords, the rotary data knob allows you to dial in just the right amount of modulation.

Sequencer mode

The matrix has a sequencer mode that enables it to function as a 64-step sequencer, capable of awesome melodic patterns. The sequencer supports Accent and Slide steps. It has a separate function that gives you a different control voltage (CV) on each step, which can be used as a modulation source. The possibilities with this as both a melodic and modulation source will inspire you for years to come.

Preset recall

In live performance, you need to be able to load presets quickly and easily, in which case the Matrix becomes a preset selector. You can instantly choose any of the 256 on-board preset memory locations. Simply press a button and you are there—no scrolling through lists or dealing with tiny displays.


Modulation sources are used to animate your sound giving it motion and dimension. The MatrixBrute has three LFO modulation sources. LFO’s 1 and 2 give you a vast array of selectable waveforms, which can also sync to the sequencer or MIDI clock so you can sync your sounds in time to the music. The 3rd LFO is part of VCO 3 and has the ability to track sounds that change as you play up and down the keyboard.

Three envelope modulators are also included, giving you time-based control over filter, VCA’s, or any other parameter you want to route to them, via the matrix. Arturia’s hyper-fast, punchy envelopes allow you to create punchy bass and lead sounds. Extend them and they become soundscape-creating time machines.

Comprehensive connectivity

Even though it’s called a “Brute” the MatrixBrute works and plays well with others. Using industry-standard protocols, you can interconnect modules and other devices. With 12 CV inputs and outputs that allow you to tie into the matrix, the MatrixBrute excels in this area. You can use Eurorack standard modules to add even more flexibility. Imagine being able to plug in a boutique company modulation source and controlling the powerful MatrixBrute synth engine, or using sources or macros in MatrixBrute to control multiple destinations in your custom modular synth.

You can even bring external audio into the mixer, so adding more tone-generating capability is just a plug away. But it doesn’t stop there. You can synchronize your vintage drum machines or external sequencers with the DIN/clock sync in and outs, or connect to a computer using USB or MIDI-equipped sound modules. For more performance options, you can use external pedal controllers, such as foot switches or expression pedals. MatrixBrute is the pinnacle of analog sound and connectivity.

Live-performance controls

Putting the extreme sonic capabilities of the MatrixBrute quite literally at your fingertips, is a 49-note velocity keyboard with aftertouch. Along with standard pitch-bend and mod wheels, the MatrixBrute goes even further with four macro knobs that can be assigned and routed to any of its modulation destinations via the Matrix. What this means is that a single knob can control up to 16 parameters. Using the macros gives you performance options previously unheard in annals of analog synths. On top of that, you have its amazing sequencer and arpeggiator for musical patterns or tempo-synched modulation.

Analog Output effects

 More often than not, built-in effects on synthesizer are little more than an afterthought, with less-than-stellar digital effects at the end of the analog audio chain which compromises the richness of analog sound with a digital veneer. The MatrixBrute has five high-quality, true analog effects that only enhance an already impressive analog sound. Effects include mono and stereo delays, chorus, flanging, plus a unique multi-tap reverberator to add even more life to your sound

Once you hear what the MatrixBrute can do, you’ll understand why we at Westlake Pro think it’s destined for classic synth-hood. Order yours before it becomes an out-of-reach, grossly overpriced collector’s item. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro sales consultant.

Arturia MatrixBrute full feature list:

  • Analog Matrix Synthesizer
  • 256 Preset memory locations
  • 2 Analog Exponential VCO’s: Saw + UltraSaw, Square +Pulse width, Triangle + Metalizer, Sub
  • 1 Analog Linear VCO/LFO : Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine waveforms; LFO time divisions; Key track
  • VCO 2>1 Hard Sync
  • Audio Mod: VCO1>2 ; VCO1 < VCO3> VCO2 ; VCF 1 < VCO3> VCF 2 ; VCF1 < Noise> VCF2
  • Noise Generator: White ; Pink ; Red ; Blue noise types
  • Five-input Audio Mixer with filter routing
  • Steiner-Parker filter with 12dB & 24dB per-octave modes; Drive; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch
  • Ladder filter with 12+24 db per octave modes ; Drive ; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass
  • 2 LFO’s: Sine, Tri, Square, Ramp, Saw, Random, S&H
  • 3 Envelope Generators: 2 Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release; 1 Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
  • External Audio In
  • 16×16 Matrix modulation panel
  • 64-step sequencer: STEP enable, Slide, Accent, Modulation; Save and recall sequence patterns on the fly
  • Analog Effects: Stereo delay, Delay, Flanger, Chorus, Analog Reverberator
  • Arpeggiator
  • 12 CV / Gate Inputs/Outputs
  • Audio Input, Line or Instrument level
  • Stereo audio output
  • MIDI and USB I/O
  • Pedal inputs for Expression and Sustain

Size & weight:

  • Instrument size : 33-13/16″ x 17″ x 4-3/16″ (860 x 432 x 107mm)
  • Instrument weight : 44 lb. (20Kg)

Box contents:

  • MatrixBrute unit
  • Power cord
  • User manual

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