Aston Microphones

A microphone is more than a functional tool. It is a musical instrument and the very heart of every recording you will ever make. So when the Aston Microphones brand was first conceived by a group of eccentrics steeped in that great tradition of British sound, the goal was to build mics that would inspire confidence and, therefore, great performances while delivering pristine, characterful audio to challenge some of the world’s most revered – and expensive – mics, but at a fraction of the cost.

Aston Microphones could only achieve this by breaking most of the ‘rules’ of microphone design and manufacture – rules which have gone largely unquestioned for decades – and starting from scratch. Every new Aston is a mic reimagined, designed by strange-looking folks who eat only pizza and rarely sleep, using materials and manufacturing techniques never previously seen in the mic industry.

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