What’s New In Pro Tools 2023.3

What's New In Pro Tools 2023.3

Avid has just released the latest update Pro Tools 2023.3, bringing qualified native Apple silicon support, their new Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content program, their all new Pro Tools | PlayCell virtual instrument and more to all Pro Tools users.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in Pro Tools 2023.23.

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Work Natively On Apple Silicon


Pro Tools is now qualified to run natively on Mac computers with an M1 or M2 chip. The latest update takes full advantage of the powerful technology these chips offer, so you gain significant performance improvements and better efficiency when running Pro Tools natively instead of through Rosetta.

Manipulate Audio In More Ways

Since ARA 2 support came to Pro Tools back in 2022.9, time shifting audio has come a long way. Stretch or compress time and shift pitch in real-time using two new processing options in Elastic Audio—zplane élastique and Celemony Melodyne. élastique uses state-of-the-art psychoacoustic models and signal processing theory that eliminates phasing artifacts to deliver crystal-clear results with impeccable sample accuracy. Melodyne can now be applied to a track or clip that will conform to tempo and meter events when working with tick-based tracks.

Pro Tools | Sonic Drop

Avid Pro Tools 2023.3 Sonic Drop Program
Multiplatinum artist Matt Lange is bringing a whole world of exclusive sounds to the Pro Tools community with Pro Tools | Sonic Drop. This new monthly program delivers inspiring new samples, loops, and instrument presets to all Pro Tools subscribers and perpetual license holders on an active plan at no additional cost. From traditional instruments and found sounds Matt crafts from scratch to content from other artists and industry partners, each “Drop” focuses on a specific theme and/or explores new sonic territory, giving you an ever-growing collection of sounds to spark your creativity.

Pro Tools | PlayCell

Avid Pro Tools 2023.3 PlayCell
Along with the new virtual instruments released last year comes another addition to your digital instrument arsenal. Whether you’re making beats or creating music, Pro Tools | PlayCell—a brand-new sample playback virtual instrument—makes it easy to find that perfect sound for any genre of music. Get started with an extensive library of high-quality sampled instruments—including drums and percussion, grand and electric pianos, acoustic and electric guitars, basses, synth pads and leads, orchestral sounds, choirs, and world instruments—with more coming regularly through Sonic Drop.

New Presets For SynthCell & GrooveCell

Expand your sonic possibilities with new presets for Pro Tools | SynthCell and GrooveCell that put more ready-to-go instrument options at your fingertips. Explore 17 new GrooveCell kits to inspire your rhythmic foundations and 30 new SynthCell presets that provide a diverse range of sounds and textures to spur new ideas.

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