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Westlake Pro WA-251 Warm Summer Giveaway

Gear-Up for a Warm Summer!

Westlake Pro has teamed up with Warm Audio for a series of Summer giveaways! Until September 14th, you can sign up below for a chance to win the Warm Audio WA-251! This gorgeous microphone captures the rich lows and silky highs of the legendary 251, which has been heard on countless hits for generations. Enter below for your chance to win!

Learn More About the WA-251 And Sign Up For Your Chance To Win!

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Sorry, this giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned for future offers!


Warm Audio has once again knocked it out of the park with their amazing and affordable pieces of quality studio gear that make the most iconic pieces of recording gear available to everyone. The WA-251 is a modern recreation of one of the most famous microphones in history.

Despite its popularity in recording studios, the original 251 was only in production from 1959-1962, making original units in working condition nearly impossible to find. If you can find a fully-functional original, it’s not uncommon for them to sell for over $20,000+. 

Thankfully, Warm Audio has passionately recreated the original circuit design to bring the legendary 251 sound to studios around the world. 

Much of a microphone’s sound comes from the capsule design. The original 251 used the coveted CK12 brass capsule found in the AKG C12 (and early revisions of the 414).

The Warm Audio WA-251 uses the custom WA-12-B-60V capsule, carefully engineered to match the sound of the original CK12 capsule. Just like the original, it uses an all-brass design complemented by a 24k gold-sputtered 6 micron NOS PET mylar diaphragm.

While the capsule provides much of a microphone’s sound, the remainder of the signal path is equally important to ensure no loss of quality as it travels to the preamp.

Warm Audio has given special attention to this to ensure the microphone captures pure, noise-free sound that matches the tone of the original 251. 

With an American made CineMag USA transformer, a carefully chosen Slovak Republic JJ 12AY7 tube, wima film and imported Solen French capacitors and a Gotham Audio cable for the power supply. 

Finally, the WA-251 includes a wooden display box and high-quality shockmount for recording.

22 thoughts on “Westlake Pro WA-251 Warm Summer Giveaway

  1. Love their stuff !!

  2. VERY Nice !!!!!

  3. I’ve needed gear like this for awhile but never thought I’d own it. Winning this would mean quality recording possibilities in my home studio.

  4. Love the Warm Audio gear I have use them many times and love everything they are making!!!

  5. Heard these in a local studio and was blow away.

  6. Love the products they offers.

  7. Amazing gears just love their stuff

  8. Always great stuff

  9. Warm Audio has made my songs sound better in a pro studio…. would love to snag some for my own setup!

  10. Love the silky glowing sound!

  11. Top notch products at an affordable price.

  12. Bring it unto me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Warm Audio makes some of the finest reproductions of iconic mics, when A,B-ing theirs next to the originals the difference is almost inaudible. …and for a fraction of an original you can have those classic sounds in your own studio! I would love to win one of their mics!

  14. Warm Audio is always on the cutting edge of excellence and quality products! Thank you for a shot at winning and good luck to everyone! Cheers from Vancouver WA!

  15. Let’s do this!

  16. Awesome!


  18. I have 3 WA12 preamps, I like be them!

  19. I recently had to go on disability and was forced to sell my mic’s. Really hope I win this. Plus warm gear is awesome!

  20. I so need this for my new recordings! I’ve been looking at 251 clones for months but I’ve heard this mic and it’s the closest thing yet!

  21. Been in the recording industry for over 42 years I’m amazed at the technology that is in the market right now. I own an original 1176 universal audio compressor bought in 1983 still have it did a quick comparison to the warm audios copy of the 1176 I was amazed at how clean the product was. I’m sold on warm audio. Recently purchased their 87 microphone I was shocked at the Quality and presence of the mic. I’m sold on their product. Looking forward to many more purchases from this company.

  22. I own a pair of Warm WA-14’s and WA-84’s and this would make the perfect compliment to those mics in my mic locker. Here’s hoping …!

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