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Buy the Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip, Get a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator FREE!


The Power of UAD-2: Free with Every 6176

For a limited time, get a powerful UAD-2 OCTO DSP Accelerator when you buy the Universal Audio 6176! Combining the tube warmth of the 610 preamp with the snappy FET compression of the 1176LN, the 6176 is a modern studio must-have. Use them together to add vintage vibe to vocals, give grit and punch to bass guitars, and thicken up electric guitars.

Powerful Alone, Perfect Together

Bring life to your recordings with this legendary channel strip. Switch to Split mode to process separate sounds independently for total mix flexibility. Handmade in the USA using premium components, the 6176 is a modern classic that brings the legendary sounds of yesteryear to your studio. Add on a FREE UAD-2 Octo DSP Accelerator to the equation, and you have an exceptionally powerful signal chain for recording and mixing. Record with a premium channel strip heard on countless hit records. Enhance your mixes with the award-winning sounds of the UAD-2 plug-in collection. Unlock the legendary sounds of some of the most popular recording gear ever made, without putting a strain on your CPU. 

For a limited time, get a free PCIe, USB, or Thunderbolt UAD-2 Octo Satellite with the purchase of a 6176 Vintage Channel StripContact your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today to upgrade your studio with this exceptional offer!

Legendary Tube Preamp, Revisited

Used to record everyone from Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Van Halen, and Coldplay, the all-tube sound of the 610 preamp is back. The vintage sound is augmented with modern enhancements, including four different impedance settings for a wide range of microphones or instruments, while a -15dB pad allows you to drive the tube stage for even more grit and attitude. A simple yet effective EQ section allows you to gently boost or cut your bass and treble frequencies. A 3-position frequency selector is available for both the Low and High EQ bands, allowing you to add warmth and sparkle or cut mud and harshness. A helpful Hi-Z input allows for easy DI instrument recording, while a polarity switch and +48v phantom power selector make this an excellent preamp for any number of situations.

The World's Most Popular Compressor

In the recording world, the 1176LN Limiting Amplifier is a compressor that needs no introduction. With a lightning fast attack and unique tone, this compressor has been a go-to for drums, bass, vocals, guitar, and most anything else you can think of. All of the original controls are featured here, including the legendary “All Buttons In” ratio setting, which is a favorite for smashing snare drums for extra distortion and pumping. In addition to this, Universal Audio has added a new BP Ratio setting, which bypasses the compression circuit, providing all the tone of the Class-A output amplifier without altering your dynamics. 

Satellite of Love

Universal Audio’s Satellite DSP Accelerators are your key to bringing all the sound and power of the recording industry’s most beloved pieces of recording history right to your DAW. Each UAD-2 Satellite is loaded with up to 8 SHARC DSP chips, providing enough power to run multiple instances of UAD-2’s award-winning plug-ins across a complex mix session without taxing your CPU. Today, it’s not uncommon to open sessions with 100+ tracks, each with multiple takes, intricate automation passes, and virtual instruments, all of which will put a strain on a well-spec’d computer while crashing older or less-endowed systems. The UAD-2 platform removes these session-killing limitations while providing the rich, three-dimensional tones heard on countless Grammy-winning records. Mix one session with a Universal Audio Satellite and your ears will love you, your clients will praise you, and your computer will thank you!

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