What’s New In Pro Tools 2023.6

Avid has just released the latest update Pro Tools 2023.6, bringing new Track Markers, Atmos and Ambisonic support with added Track Widths, a new and improved Event Operations window for Easier MIDI, improvements to Device Setup, and more to all Pro Tools users.

What’s New In Pro Tools 2023.3

What's New In Pro Tools 2023.3

Avid has just released the latest update Pro Tools 2023.3, bringing qualified native Apple silicon support, their new Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content program, their all-new Pro Tools | PlayCell virtual instrument, and more to all Pro Tools users. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Pro Tools 2023.3.

Introducing Pro Tools Artist, Studio & Ultimate

Pro Tools is the world’s most used and awarded audio production software for making music, movies, and TV shows, providing everything you need to create, record, edit, and mix in the moment. Pro Tools software is now available in three new options — Pro Tools Artist for aspiring music creators, Pro Tools Studio for professional music creators/producers, and the Pro Tools Ultimate subscription bundle for audio post and music studios.

Deep Dive: Pro Tools | Studio

Looking for a way to take your productions to the next level?  With Pro Tools Studio you’ll get the tools you need to take on even bigger projects and harness your inner creativity to help turn your musical dreams into a reality.

Deep Dive: Pro Tools | Ultimate

Take on the biggest and most complex productions with this top-tier offering for audio post-production and music. With an advanced toolset, and Dolby Atmos support, you can be sure that no matter what project comes through your door you’ll be ready for it all with Pro Tools Ultimate.

Deep Dive: Pro Tools | Artist

Pro Tools Artist is here to help you take your music from inception to completion so that it’s ready for the world’s most popular streaming platforms including Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. Pro Tools Artist makes music creation fast, fluid, and fun, providing the same tools the pros use to create your favorite songs and albums in a cost-effective easy to use platform.

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