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Studio Monitors

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Studio Monitors

In the pro audio world, there are few tools as important as studio monitors. A reliable pair of studio monitors is essential for any recording and mixing project – you need to be able to trust your speakers in order to dial in the sound you are after. From nearfields and midfields to mains and subwoofers, there are an immense number of options when looking for new monitors. At Westlake Pro, our team of experts is on hand and ready to help you find the right speakers for your room and budget.

Active vs. Passive

Monitors can either be active or passive. Active monitors have the power supply built in, so you simply have to plug them into a power source and they are ready to rock. Passive monitors, on the other hand, require an external power amplifier. Active monitors are the most common today, as they are convenient and don’t require the purchase of an amplifier, though many producers and engineers swear by passive monitors.

The Right Speaker for Your Room

Your mixing environment has an enormous effect on how your monitors will sound. It’s important to know your space and take proper measures to treat it for an optimal listening experience. Reflective surfaces, like flat walls, bounce your audio around the room and can cause unwanted buildup of frequencies that distorts the sound in your room. Many studio monitors have equalization settings on the back to optimize their output – if you are experiencing a buildup of low frequencies, it might behoove you to cut the low end in your speakers to offset that effect.


While most of today’s modern studio monitors have a frequency range that extends impressively low, for many that’s still not quite enough low end. If you’re in a large studio, particularly one that does a lot of hip hop or EDM work, consider adding a subwoofer to your studio monitor setup. Subwoofers are generally larger than their monitor counterparts, and sit on the floor. Adding a subwoofer to your studio will greatly increase the amount of low end that you can achieve.

Westlake Pro is your one-stop-shop for all things studio monitors. Large or small, active or passive, we have what you’re looking for and our knowledgeable staff of experts is on hand Monday – Friday from 9am-6pm PST to help you find the perfect monitors for your needs. We carry all of the leading brands, including ATC, Genelec, Amphion, Bowers & Wilkins, Yamaha, Focal, ADAM, and more, and with our Best Price Guarantee you won’t find a better price anywhere else.

We will beat any price, anywhere. We aim to provide the best service possible, and our staff of experts is ready to get you the gear you need with industry-leading service and support at the best price, guaranteed.