Director of EDU & GOV Accounts

Nick Chaires began his career in the early 2000’s after a musical childhood and several years of being in bands and learning to play guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Within months of his first career, he became the top salesperson in multiple departments and eventually earned the role of Manager of Artist Relations in Seattle, WA. Coming from a family of educators, law enforcement, military and civil servants, Nick, from an early age learned to greatly appreciate those professions and the sacrifice they endured. While he had already decided to devote himself to the musical profession, he began to notice a lack of resources for those in the teaching and government fields. Eventually, he made it his obsession to help those in universities, high schools, K-12 and all educational institutions including those on military bases.

He is the Director of Education and Government Accounts at Westlake Pro based in North Hollywood, CA. His focus is now entirely devoted to assisting school officials and government procurement officers on all things professional audio, video, IT products and services. From PA systems, gymnasium sound systems, to studio monitors, consoles and even custom Avid Pro Tools systems for students, he has a solution for you. With the full support of the in-house studio design and integration specialists, the Westlake Pro Design Group, he can provide consulting on a project pre-bid, designing and installing multi room, state of the art studios, even providing the microphones used by the United States Air Force at the Super Bowl.

Ever since Nick immersed himself into the dichotomy of bids, he gained a deep understanding of the concepts, differences and policies of RFI, RFQ, RFP and IFB. He puts himself in the shoes of those involved in the EDU process of purchasing and appreciates the anatomy of bids including addendums, item replacements for discontinued and/or end of life products.

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Nick can be easily reached by phone, email, text and is ready to help you in any way possible.
Email: [email protected]
Office: 323-845-1145
Cell: 323-683-2034
Or you can email him a text message directly to his phone from your computer: [email protected]