Content Coordinator

At a young age, Johnny began his fascination with the arts and design. With music as his main focus, he became obsessed with learning how to produce, record and get music onto a format for everyone to hear. With this passion and his soul to dare he researched and taught himself the basics of Production, Recording and, Mixing. After following up this self education with a degree in recording arts from The Los Angeles Recording School and an internship at Larson Post Production, he was able to confidently and successfully take on being a freelance Producer, Audio Engineer, and Sound Designer for both Music and Film/TV in Los Angeles. Along the way, he also acquired skills in other aspect of the Art and Design world that he enjoyed; like Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, and Fashion. Growing up in the digital age and being in tune with the growth of social media allowed him to take these well rounded skills and centralize them on developing web content for consumer entertainment. Beside actualizing engaging web and social content ideas to fruition for Westlake Pro, Johnny appreciates utilizing his time creating music in his Hollywood Recording Studio, constructing new fashion designs for his clothing company, enjoying live music, and Camping.