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SSL ORIGIN | A Brand New Classic

Meet ORIGIN, the newest console from audio giants SSL, designed specifically for the needs of the modern hybrid studio. By combining traditional analog workflow with modern functionality and design, SSL’s new ORIGIN console is the perfect analog complement to a modern digital production studio. With 32 in-line channels, 16 buses, E-series EQ, and the classic SSL Bus Compressor, ORIGIN truly looks back to the origins of the SSL legacy, while looking forward to the future of hybrid studio production. We’re about to get one into our studio in Los Angeles, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s no better way to experience the latest addition to the SSL legacy than a hands-on tour, so sign up below to reserve your private demo and be notified as soon as ours SSL ORIGIN arrives! 

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Legendary EQ and Compression from the SSL Lineage

It’s hard to overstate the importance that SSL has had in the recording industry. Their consoles dominated the industry for decades, and largely defined the sound of the 1980s. ORIGIN harkens back to those early consoles with its 100% in-line analog design, and the inclusion of two of the most revered SSL components, the E-series’ 242′ EQ and the classic SSL Bus Compressor. With one of the world’s most iconic channel eq’s and a bus compressor that revolutionized dynamics processing, it’s easy to see what makes ORIGIN a classic.

Closer Look | SSL Origin

Cutting Edge PureDrive Preamps

While much of ORIGIN’s signal flow is taken directly from early SSL designs, the preamps are an exciting new addition that SSL aptly named ‘PureDrive.’ PureDrive inherits the clarity of previous SSL preamps, with the added ability to switch to a warm, harmonically-rich, saturated sound. When the ‘drive circuit’ is engaged, the preamp introduces non-linear harmonic distortion that varies with the gain setting. This compliments digital studio environments perfectly by adding the analog saturation that is often sorely lacking in purely digital recordings. From clean and clear to saturated and warm, ORIGIN’s PureDrive preamps will give you exactly the sound you want.

Customize Your Center Section

If the look of ORIGIN harkens back to classic SSL consoles, the flexibility of its design is decidedly modern. The 19″ center section is rack-based and modular, allowing the console to be customized for different workflows and priorities. Producers with a focus on outboard processing can add analog units in 500 series format, while the more digitally oriented can rearrange the center section to allow for easier access to your digital controllers. The meter bridge can also be lowered, allowing space to position a screen for easy viewing of production software. All of the physical design has taken modern ergonomic science into consideration, making it easy to work for long periods without physical discomfort. SSL carefully considered the needs of the modern record producer, and it shows.

New Mix Bus and Mix Amp Architecture

ORIGIN also features a brand new mix bus and mix amp architecture that delivers an incredibly low noise floor and massive headroom. The result is a mix bus that is both wide and detailed. This is ideal for hybrid studios, where a large draw is the depth and space that analog summing can offer.

Explore the SSL ORIGIN By Section

Talkback and Listen Mic

XLR talkback input with trim and +48V for talkback and rear Listen Mic Input

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Bus Masters Trim and Routing

Sixteen ±10dB trim for track buses with routing assign switches for each bus

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Stereo Returns

Four Stereo Return Inputs with routing to Mix and Track Buses with level-controlled feeds to Stereo Foldback Outputs A&B

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Monitor Source and Levels

  • Independent Trim for Alt. Monitors 1&2
  • Variable DIM level
  • Mono, Left, Right Mutes, øL polarity switch
  • Monitor Source select from Main Mix, three external sources, or a front-panel 3.5mm stereo input
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Classic SSL Bus Compressor

Legendary Mix Bus Compressor with extra ratios, high-pass filter, and side-chain

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Internal Oscillator and Sleep Mode

  • Internal oscillator with 3.5mm external input and independent trim
  • Sleep mode automatically detects long periods of inactivity to reduce power consumption
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Solo Master and Meters

Comprehensive solo controls with

  • Solo-in-Front with Mix balance
  • Solo in Place
  • PFL
  • Solo Level
  • Solo Clear
  • Peak Hold/Peak Clear
  • Extensive metering options
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Mix Bus, TB, and Comm Controls

High-quality 100mm Mix Bus fader with fully balanced switched Insert for external bus processing.

Master Talkback and Listen controls along with a matrix of sources and outputs ensure total communication between artists and engineers in any studio setting.

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Cue and Aux Masters

Output trim and AFL switches for Stereo Cue A&B buses plus mono Aux Buses 1-4

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Channel/Monitor Inputs and Direct Output

  • Channel Input with switchable Mic/Line preamp with Gain, 48V, and Polarity Invert for recording
  • Line Level Monitor Input with Gain Trim for Analog Summing, DAW Feeds, and monitoring
  • Channel Direct Output for post-fader Mix Stems
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Cue and Aux Control

  • Two Stereo Cue feeds with Level and Pan
  • Four Mono Aux mixes for FX sends and parallel mono mixes
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4-Band Parametric EQ

  • SSL E-Series four-band parametric EQ
  • Variable Cut/Boost per band
  • HF and LF bands have Bell switches to switch from shelving EQ or Bell EQ curves
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Small Fader Control

  • 60mm high-quality audio fader
  • Center-detent pan knob
  • Solo and Cut
  • Balanced Insert Point
  • 0dB Switch to bypass fader
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Large Fader Control

  • 100mm high-quality audio fader
  • Pan knob
  • Solo and Cut
  • Balanced Insert Point
  • 0dB Switch to bypass fader
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Modern Features

SSL has always pushed the frontier of recording technology, and ORIGIN continues that tradition with a slew of new features that lead the pack once again. With a keen eye to the needs of the modern hybrid studio, they’ve included features like balanced insert points on both the large and small faders, dedicated channel direct outputs, and stem-ready 0db fader bypass switches. Easy switch-based routing for the channels and buses, multiple solo modes, and comprehensive monitoring options all add to ORIGIN’s flexibility. There is even a new automatic sleep mode that drastically cuts energy operating costs.

A Test Run is Worth a Thousand Words

Classic signal flow, cutting edge preamps, and modern flexibility make ORIGIN the ideal way to add analog console workflow to the modern hybrid studio. But don’t take our word for it! Sign up below to reserve a private demo with the SSL ORIGIN in person at our Los Angeles demo studio, and see for yourself the future of hybrid studio design.

We spoke with SSL about how we're using ORIGIN

Reserve a Private Demo in Los Angeles

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  1. I’m extremely excited for this! I’ve worked most of my career in success on SSL consoles and I’m always eager to see what they have coming next.

    1. Thanks, the Origin is awesome! If you’re in the LA area, we’d love to have you in for a demo if you’d like to try it out for yourself!

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