Spotlight | David Gnozzi of MixBusTV

From Successful Rock Frontman to Full-time Audio Engineer and Instructor

In this Spotlight, we sat down with David Gnozzi of MixBusTV. The story behind his emergence as a YouTube Audio Guru begins all the way back in his home country of Italy, with several surprising turns along the way.

Part I: the Publishing agreement from Hell

From fronting a band and coping with a heartbreaking publishing deal to transitioning into full-time audio engineer, David’s journey gives us insight into how he came to develop his style and sensibilities as an engineer and musician.

Part II: David's Hybrid Analog/Digital Workflow

David details his workflow techniques and highlights his thoughts on the analog vs. in-the-box debate. By combining both of these methods David has developed a uniquely modern yet classic approach to mixing.

Part III: David's favorite Gear

David shows off his studio, highlighting a few of his favorite mixing & mastering tools. Gear isn’t something he takes lightly—he goes to great lengths to stay up-to-date with the newest innovations, consider what they can bring, and put them through the paces by demoing them alongside the rest of his gear before committing to an integration.

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Part IV: Why David Loves the Neve Genesys Black Console

David explains why he is such a big fan of digitally-controlled analog gear, and how that fascination led him to demo the AMS Neve Genesys Black Console at Westlake Pro.

Part V: What's next?

David breaks down his latest project with pop artist Bella. David has taken a hands-on approach in helping write and produce songs for this up and coming artist. Given David’s expertise and Bella’s blossoming writing and performing talent, this is a creative duo to look out for.

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