Recording Guitars With Troy Van Leeuwen And The Avid MBOX Studio

Testing The Avid MBOX Studio

The Avid MBOX Studio is packed with features that put everything you need to record huge guitars at your fingertips. We visited world-renowned guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) and engineer Matt Cerritos at Secret Hand Studios to put the MBOX Studio through its paces. 

Watch as Troy uses the MBOX’s Variable-Z instrument input to get a clean DI guitar, which Matt warps and modulates with virtual stompboxes, FX, and amp simulators included with Pro Tools and the MBOX Ignition Pack. 

From there, they utilize the MBOX’s unique ReAmp Output to process Troy’s clean sound through his pedal board and a pair of boutique amps. Matt then uses all four of the MBOX Studio’s pristine preamps to capture the full sound of Troy’s guitar. 

Get the Most From Your Guitar Rig

If you know Queens of the Stone Age, you can imagine how loud Troy Van Leeuwen’s guitar rig can get. 

Cranked amps were no problem for Matt, who used the MBOX Control software’s built-in pad and EQ to record each mic at just the right level. He then checked the polarity of each mic and engaged the Ground Lift on the MBOX Studio’s ReAmp Output to eliminate any extra hum and noise from the guitar amps.

By the end, what started as a 2-note dry DI loop had morphed into a massive wall of ethereal guitars, all thanks to the MBOX – although having a killer pedal board, amps, and a fantastic guitarist didn’t hurt!

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