Yamaha HS8S Powered Subwoofer


150W, 8″ powered studio subwoofer

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Yamaha HS8S 8″ bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers low frequencies down to 22Hz

Based on the evolution of the same technology that drove the Yamaha NS-10M to legendary status among A-list mix engineers, the HS8S is a highly accurate 8″ powered subwoofer that delivers undistorted low frequencies down to 22Hz at any level. The HS8S has a down-firing driver that enables easy placement in a room, reducing the worry over being too close to walls. The HS8S features a powerful 150W amp exclusively designed by Yamaha engineers to handle the low frequencies without breaking a sweat. For integration into a 2.1 system, is has low- and high-cut controls (80-120Hz) and a phase switch for correction with left/right monitors. The HS8S is the perfect complement to Yamaha’s HS-series, or any smaller sized monitor that isn’t cranking out the quality bass you need.

Yamaha HS8S Powered Subwoofer in one take

  • 8″ bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers chest-thumping low frequencies down to 22Hz
  • 22Hz-150Hz frequency response
  • High-power 150W amplifier exclusively designed for low frequencies
  • Low Cut switch, Low Cut control (80-120Hz) High Cut control (80-120 Hz)
  • Phase switch lets you set up a 2.1 system with simple connections requiring no additional equipment
  • XLR and TRS phone for outputs and XLR for L and R and Ext Sub

INSIDE THE BOX—Yamaha HS8S Subwoofer

Newly developed transducers

The HS8 Series features newly developed transducers with an advanced design that regulates the flow of the magnetic field’s response to provide seamless, natural sonic transitions. All components and materials are meticulously chosen and optimized, to dramatically improve the accuracy of signal reproduction throughout the audio spectrum.

Woofer—the HS series’ ultra-responsive woofers have large, carefully selected magnets, that output a well-defined low end with very low distortion at any output level. All of the components in these high-power woofers, including the woofer ring and the basket, contribute to the HS series’ stunning bass and clear, accurate mids.

High-performance bass-optimized amplifier

HS Series speakers employ an amplifier that’s perfectly matched to the transducers in each model of the series. Featuring a bi-amp design with individual amps for the woofer and the tweeter, it ensures that each HS Series speaker consistently delivers high-resolution sound with exceptionally flat response.

Low-resonance enclosure

HS Series cabinets are designed to eliminate unwanted resonance and increase the accuracy of sound reproduction. The enclosures are constructed from a very dense and resilient MDF with a damped acoustic response suited for reference monitors. Drawing from Yamaha’s over 100 years of piano design experience, HS Series engineers also employed a traditional three-way mitered-joint technique. This cabinet construction firmly anchors the corners of the enclosure to dramatically improve durability and eliminate unwanted resonance that can compromise overall sound.

Cutting-edge noise reduction technology

The reason that the NS-10Ms were so linear in their frequency response was due to the elimination of front-panel bass reflex ports. Not only can port turbulence cause noise, the waves they output can interfere with the direct sound up through the midrange, negatively affecting clarity and frequency response. However, bass reflex ports are an excellent means of providing deep low-frequency response beyond what the size of the cabinet would be otherwise capable of. Yamaha solves this problem by not only positioning the port on the rear panel to avoid waves combining with the direct sound of the driers, and also by adopting an advanced noise reduction technology that incorporates a thorough analysis of a visual representation of the sound. Through this in-depth analysis, Yamaha engineers arrived at the ideal port design, resulting in a reduction of audible noise up to 6dB. The use of this state-of-the-art technology allows HS Series studio monitors to meet the demands of more strict professional production environments.

OUTSIDE THE BOX—Yamaha HS8S Subwoofer

Controls and Connectivity

With the HS8S subwoofer, the High Cut control sets the cutoff frequency of subwoofer output high-frequency attenuation from 80Hz to 120Hz, while the Phase switch adjusts the phase of the subwoofer output. The Low Cut Switch and Low Cut Control enables attenuation of low frequencies for output between 80Hz and 120Hz. The HS8S subwoofer is equipped with XLR and TRS phone jack inputs and for outputs XLR for L and R and EXT SUB out.

Get the accurate bass response you’re missing from small nearfields with a Yamaha HS8S powered subwoofer. Call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.

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Black, White



Frequency Response

22Hz – 150Hz


XLR, 1/4"


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