Tube-Tech SMC2BM

All-tube, 3-band multiband mastering opto-compressor



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The Tube-Tech SMC 2BM is a mastering version of the SMC 2B, the world’s only all-tube multiband compressor comprising three independent opto-detectors and variable crossover frequencies

As a creative tool, the Tube-Tech SMC 2BM multiband compressor is pure magic on the mix bus and sub-mixes, such as drums, and instrument groups. Three all-tube, wide-band opto-compressors in one, it’s also a surgical device that can remove annoying resonant peaks, particularly in bass instruments, or the presence range in vocals, where certain converters can ring. Speaking of vocals, the SMC2BM is an excellent tracking device. It can handle extremely dynamic vocalists without “announcing” its presence. In mixing, it has an amazing ability to keep vocals present, enhancing the low-level detail, without flattening the performance—saving you hours in mix automation. It can also be used as a de-esser. Of course, once you put it on your man stereo bus, you’re probably going to want to keep it there at all times, due to the character, color, and dynamics it imparts to program material—so you just might need two SMC 2BMs.

Tube Tech SMC 2BM Multiband Mastering Opto Compressor in one take:

  • Mastering version of the World’s only all-tube multiband compressor
  • Low-distortion, optical gain-reduction elements
  • Three bands per channel with variable crossover frequencies
  • Variable threshold, ratio, attack, and release for each band
  • LED display shows gain reduction
  • Noiseless bypass relay
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers
  • Gain Control for each band
  • Gold-plated switches (SMC 2BM only)
  • Transformer-balanced, fully floating inputs and outputs


The Tube-Tech SMC 2BMM Stereo Multiband Compressor is three independent optical stereo compressors in one, each with threshold, ratio, attack, release and gain, plus a display showing gain reduction. Master levels are set with Output Gain and Balance controls. All controls feature high-quality switches, fitted with precision resistors, to ensure extreme accuracy for settings and recall.

The SMC 2BM divides input signals into three bands (low, mid, high) via 6dB per-octave crossover networks with variable frequency control The variable crossover points at 60Hz to 1.2kHz for low/mid band, and 1.2kHz to 6kHz for the Mid/High band, ensure precise control of opto-compression on each band. The design of the crossover networks optimizes the summing of all three bands, resulting in a flat frequency response (within +/-0.25dB), when the gain controls for each band are set at the same level.

Both input and output are balanced and have fully floating transformers with a static screen. The power supply and the sidechain circuit is based on a solid state circuit. With the exception of the output stage all DC voltages are stabilized.


 Controls from left to right on the distinctive blue front panel of the SMC 2BM include a crossover low frequency multiplier switch; X-Over High and X-Over Low control knobs; three rows of compressor knobs (high band, mid band, low band) including threshold, ratio, attack, release, and gain, each row with an LED gain reduction meter. To the right the meters are master level controls including Balance and Output Gain; a Comp In/Out switch, Power On/Off, and red jewel power indicator light.

Rear panel I/O includes a universal IEC power connector, and balanced XLR input and output for channels one and two.

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Tube-Tech SMC 2BM specifications:

  • Frequency response: @ -3dB: 5Hz to 60kHz
  • Low noise: < -60dBU @ 10dB gain
  • CMRR: > 60dB @ 10kHz
  • Master output gain: Off to +10dB
  • Balance Control (+/-1.5dB)

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