Steven Slate Drums Chris Lord Alge Drums Trigger

Drum library for Slate Digital Trigger, Recorded and Produced by Chris Lord Alge – Mac/PC AU, VST, RTAS


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The Steven Slate Trigger Drum Replacer/Enchancer puts Chris Lord Alge’s drum recording and processing skills to work for you

When it comes to mixing rock and pop, Chris Lord Alge is renowned for his drum sounds and they way he gets them to stand out in a mix, providing the support and punch that makes rock live. Of course, CLA’s expertise with drums isn’t limited to mixing. In the Spring of 2012, Chris Lord Alge revisited his roots and recorded multiple drum kits at world-class Ocean Studios in Burbank, with their classic 56-input Neve 80-Series console. He then mixed all the drums in his inimitable style in his L.A. mix room, using the same techniques and processing chains you’ve heard on all of his records. He even printed a sample layer of his famous Sony reverb unit on the kicks and snares. The result is some of the fattest, punchiest, most mix-ready virtual drums in the industry.

Steven Slate Drums Chris Lord Alge Drums Trigger in one take:

  • Recorded & mixed by Chris Lord Alge
  • 12 snares, 11 kicks, 5 toms
  • Use directly with SSD4 player or Trigger
  • Multiple articulations on snares
  • Complete control
  • Classic CLA sound
  • Easy to install

Chris Lord Alge Drums Trigger kits:

  • 12 Drum kit presets (SSD4)
  • 11 Kick drums
  • 12 Snare drums
  • 5 toms
  • 1 Hi-hat (SSD4)
  • 4 Crash cymbals (SSD4)
  • 1 Ride cymbal (SSD4)

Produce your music with Chris Lord Alge’s hit-making drums. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.

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