Solid State Logic SSL Fusion


Analog Master Processor with Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, High Frequency Compressor, Stereo Image Enhancer and SSL Transformer Circuit

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The SSL Fusion in One Take

  • Rack-mountable analog processor perfect for full mixes, single tracks or stereo sub mixes
  • Use the new SSL Violet EQ to beef up your low end and add sheen and polish to your top end
  • Apply console-inspired harmonics, saturation and soft-clipping with the Vintage Drive
  • Give your mixes width and depth with the true-analog Stereo Image enhancer
  • Tame harshness and high-end transients with the High Frequency Compressor
  • Add weight to your lows and open your top-end with the Transformer circuit
  • Balance your levels for proper gain staging with the ±12dB input and output trim controls
  • Maintain your lows while processing your high end with the front end High Pass Filter with three selectable cutoff positions
  • Switchable Stereo Insert or Mid-Side circuit to process the center, sides or full mix.
  • Stereo Insert switchable from Pre to Post EQ
  • Mid-Side circuit switchable from Pre to Post Stereo Image enhancer

Five Analog Colors to Shape Your Sound

The SSL Fusion master processor provides five high-quality analog effects to shape your mixes and individual tracks. Thicken your bass and kick drum with the Vintage Drive, controlling the interactive Drive and Density parameters to produce the rich harmonics, smooth compression and soft-clipping heard when pushing a vintage SSL console. Sweeten your mix bus with the new, minimum phase 2 band Violet EQ. Tame high-frequency harshness with the High Frequency Compressor for transparent control and smooth, tape-like high end roll off. The true analog Stereo Image enhancer features a Mid-Side circuit, giving your mixes rich width, depth and space. Use the new, switchable SSL Transformer circuit to thicken your low end while adding a polished sheen to your top end.

Flexible Workflow for Integration in Any Studio

Using their decades of experience, the engineers at SSL implemented a number of intuitive workflow designs to allow the SSL Fusion to integrate into any studio for any workflow. Control what part of your signal gets processed with the front end High Pass Filter featuring three selectable cutoff frequencies. Use your favorite external processors with the Stereo Insert, switchable between Pre and Post EQ. Alternatively, use the Stereo Insert as a Mid-Side circuit, allowing you to process just the center or sides of your mix. This too is switchable from Pre or Post Stereo Width enhancer, offering a number of ways to process your mix. Connections for the Stereo Insert along with I/O are on balanced XLR connectors, allowing easy integration to any professional studio. The ±12dB input and output controls allow you to employ gain staging to ensure your signal plays well with any signal processor. Alternatively, try driving the input to push the SSL Fusion for vintage style saturation without clipping your output. The intuitive layout offers easy to read controls and LEDs that show status, clipping and peak hold metering at a glance.

However you use it, the SSL Fusion will surely be a flexible color palette to color your signal, regardless of sound, style or workflow. Combined with the legendary SSL sound and wide variety of processing for any situation, the SSL Fusion offers a huge range of quality options packed into a 2 unit rack space!

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Included Processors:

Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, High Frequency Compressor, Stereo Image Enhancer, Analog Transformer Circuit, Mid-Side Circuit, Stereo Insert

EQ and Filters Type:

High-Pass filter with three selectable positions
Semi-parametric EQ for low and high bands


XLR for stereo In, Out, Send and Return

Rack Spaces:

2RU, 19" rack


Standard IEC AC Cable


17.6 lbs.


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