Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines


Analog-modeled multi-track and mastering tape recorder plug-ins

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Slate Digital’s Virtual Tape Machines (VTM) plug-in brings the rich euphonious sound and response of analog tape to instruments, voice, and full mixes

The Slate Digital VTM is a result of meticulous study of the physical properties of magnetic tape, the response of tape recorder components, circuits, and their interactions, plus a year of critical listening to fine-tune what are the most advanced and dynamic algorithms Slate Digital has created to date. With models of both a 2-inch, 16-track from NRG Studios, and a 1/2″ 2-track mastering machine from Howie Weinberg Mastering, the Slate Digital VTM will give your mixes the authentic analog vibe that digital alone just can’t do. With added dimension, fatness, depth, and warmth, instruments will be easier to balance, needing less EQ and compression. Once you hear how the Virtual Tape Machines plug-in brings you mixes to life, you’ll want to go back and remix everyone project you’ve ever done.

 Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines in one take:

  • Two virtual tape machines modeled from NRG Studios and Howie Weinberg Mastering
  • Select between tape types, speed, adjust bias, input and output level, and more advanced settings
  • Create up to eight groups with global settings

 Two virtual tape machines

There are two virtual tape machines in the Slate Digital VTM meticulously modeled from two famous machines. One is the 2-inch Studer A827 with 16-track record head from NRG Recording Studios. This machine has recorded some of the world’s best selling albums. It has a fat, punchy, thick sound with a very detailed top end. It’s the ultimate tracking machine. The other is the 2-track Studer A80 RC with 1⁄2-inch record head from Howie Weinberg Mastering. With 200 gold records and 3,000 releases, many of which have been mastered onto this deck, it’s obvious why once you hear it. The VTM 1/2″ has a thick low end, rich midrange, and a smooth top that perfectly takes away the digital edge in the most natural way.

 Tape Types

The tape formulations modeled are studio favorites, including the classic Ampex 456 and the more modern Quantegy GP9, which represent two unique sounds. Slate’s FG456 is more colorful with slightly thicker lows. FGGP9 gives you more punch, due 3dB more headroom before saturation. You may also notice more definition throughout the frequency spectrum and a slightly more forward sound. Along with tape types, you can also select 15ips or 30ips (inches per second) tape speed as it relates to both tape machines. 30ips, has less noise, an overall flatter frequency response, and a slightly extended high-end. 15ips has a higher noise floor and non-linear frequency response. It’s great on both models when you want to add more attitude and flavor to your recordings. Plus, you can mitigate the extra noise by using the Noise Reduction slider in the Settings panel. Tape Bias enables you to change the frequency response and saturation for each machine, tape, and speed configuration. Other controls include Noise Reduction control and Auto Mute, Wow and Flutter control, and Bass Alignment control.

Group control

Groups make using the Virtual Tape Machines plug-in quick and easy. Assigning a number of Tape Machine instances to a group allows to control the parameters of each instance as thought it were a single plug-in or single machine, much like you’re your global settings would affect all tracks recorded on the same machine. This means that from a single instance, you can control the bias, machine type, tape speed, tape type, and input/ output for every tape channel in the group. With the ability to have up to eight groups, you could make your own hybrid tape machine across several groups, by mixing and matching machine types, tape types, tape speeds, and even bias.

Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines full feature list:

  • Two tape machine types:
  • 2″ 16-track
  • 1/2″ mastering deck
  • Two tape formulations
  • Two speeds: 15ips and 30ips
  • Noise reduction control and auto mute
  • Wow and Flutter control
  • Bass alignment control
  • Normal, Low and High Bias settings
  • Level Calibration
  • VU ballistics
  • Grouping control
  • Global or per channel settings
  • Tape reels start and stop in sync with DAW transport

With Slate Digital’s VTM, your mixes will come to life, with depth, space, and warmth. You’ll wonder how you ever mixed without it. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.

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