Slate Digital VMR Virtual Mix Rack


4 World Class Mix Modules

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The Slate Digital VMR Virtual Mix Rack is an extremely versatile, high-functioning virtual rack for Slate Digital’s authentic analog-modeled processor modules that gives you hot-swapping capabilities, A/B comparison, preset saving, automation, and more

The Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack is like having an eight-slot, hot-swappable 500-series power rack that lets you select and order your signal path in any sequence in real time. Featuring Slate Digital’s amazingly analog-sounding processor modules, the VMR’s puts your entire processing chain in a single window. The hot-swappable modules allow you customize your own channel strip, with signal flow following the modules, in any order you choose. You can mix and match filters from different EQs, chain an EQ before or after your compressor, or recreate the signal path of an analog console channel strip. Moving modules around is fast and easy and can be done in real time with no break in audio playback.

Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack in one take:

  • Virtual effects rack lets you drag and drop the most authentic analog-sounding processor modules in real time
  • Individual solo, bypass, and A/B comparison function
  • Local and global preset system and automation display
  • Four world-class compression and EQ mix modules included

The Virtual Mix Rack provides the most authentic modeled analog sound in a digital audio plug-in. Unlike many other EQ and compressor plug-ins that claim to be analog-modeled, they simply recreate analog equalization and compression curves. However, the Slate Digital VMR plug-ins model every nuance of the circuit paths, and recreates the harmonics, saturation, phase, and interactivity that give the Slate Digital plug-ins their trademark tone.

The VMR plug-in displays up to four modules at time, but can handle up to eight processors. To view hidden modules, a scroll bar appears. New processors are continually added for greater power and control of your mixes. Since the Rack and the Modules are independent in the VMR system, residing in the system as two separate binary sets, new modules are added to the Virtual Mix Rack without having to update the entire set of existing modules.

Solo and A/B comparison

Each module the Virtual Mix Rack has a button that activates or deactivates each module placed in the rack, was well as a solo button. These functions make it easy to hear what each module is doing on its own, in context, or in the absence of chosen modules. Since each module can be soloed or deactivated individually in the signal chain, you can hear with each unit is doing on its own and how various modules in the chain interact.

The VMR also offers a simple A/B System to quickly compare two Racks configurations.
A/B Snapshots can be controlled and switched from dedicated A/B buttons.

Presets and automation display

The Preset System allows you to streamline your workflow by using a predefined configuration. If you think of the VMR System as not just a channel-strip, but as a complete processing tool box, then presets could easily become the starting point for instrument and vocal processing. Each module slot has a preset system that allows you to save, load, and delete presets for individual modules as well. For an easier handling of automation, the Virtual Mix Rack has a special panel dedicated to automation display. Host automation is written to slot parameters, not to module parameters. Slots parameters belong to the Rack and are declared to the host.

Four world-class compression and EQ modules

The ‘VMR’ includes four world-class mix modules, including two classic equalizers and two versatile mix compressors, with more modules to be developed.

The FG-N is a digital recreation of one of the most classic discrete Class A British equalizers from the 70’s, otherwise known as the 1073. All aspects of the circuit are modeled, including the rich harmonics and saturations that naturally occur when the equalizer is in use. Since the original model only contained one mid band, Slate Digital thought it would be nice to provide two mid bands, which offers greater flexibility. This equalizer is lush, fat, and agressive. It sounds great on everything from drums to vocals, and can even add the perfect saturation to synth and electronic tracks.

The FG-S is a digital recreation of one of the most famous SSL console equalizers from the 80’s. This equalizer also has rich harmonics and interactive mid bands with a fat musical tone. This is the ultimate workhorse mix EQ that can be used on any track. It is great for surgical cuts, or wide bell and shelving to make drums and guitars punch out of the speakers.

The FG-116 is the most precise digital replication of the classic 1176 FET limiter. No expense was pared to capture every nuance of this classic-sounding compressor/limiter. From its trademark timing characteristics to the extremely musical sound of its transformer, the FG-116 will give engineers the musical and fat tone that has made the hardware so famous. The FG-116 sounds great on everything, including lead vocals, drums, and bass guitar.

The FG-401 started as a recreation of the classic SSL console channel compressor, but morphed into quite a lot more. Slate Digital added variable attack and release with increased range for more tonal options, an optimal transformer input—and not just any transformer—the famous transformer from the British Class A Console! The transformer circuit adds a beautiful warmth and sheen to the compressor. And finally, an entirely unique second circuit path was added, which provides an additional smooth and rich tone. The FG-401 is perhaps the most versatile mix compressor available, and can sound good on any source you feed into it. As a Slate Digital user, you’ll find yourself reaching for this compressor ahead of the others.

Audition signal chains faster, easier, and in real time with the Slate Digital VMR. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.


Additional information

OS Requirements - PC

Windows 7 (SP1) or later


AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

iLok Required




Download / Boxed




e-Licenser Required


OS Requirements - Mac

OS X 10.8.5 or later, iOS 8 or later


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