Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor

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Advanced mastering plug-in suite for maximum loudness without compromising dynamics and feel

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The Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor is the most transparent level control available for mastering with advanced transient-preserving algorithms to maintain dynamics, punch, and feel at extreme level increases

 The biggest loser in the loudness war is music itself, in particular, the dynamics that help to trigger our emotional responses and makes music interesting and listenable. With the Slate Digital FG-X mastering processor, you can win the loudness war without the usual devastation of squashed, lifeless, over-compressed, and abrasive sound that is all to commonplace in modern music. Perhaps the deadliest WMD (weapon of musical destruction) is the peak limiter, which, in the mad race for louder mixes attenuates transients, reduces punch, compromises stereo imaging, alters balance in a mix, and promotes ear fatigue. The Slate Digital FG-X mastering processor is the musical peacemaker of the loudness war.

Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor in one take:

  • Advanced algorithms preserve transients
  • FG-Level maximization processor
  • Dynamic perception control
  • FG Dynamics ultra-transparent mastering compressor
  • Fine-tuned by top mastering engineers

The making of Slate Digital’s FG-X

While there are some clever workarounds and alternatives to the peak limiting, such as saturation and clipping the front end of expensive converters, they aren’t consistent in their results and can adversely affect low-end punch and sub bass. This dilemma prompted Slate Digital to seek a solution that could dramatically increase the level of a mix without a perceivable difference in dynamics and feel. Enter the FG-X mastering processor.

To solve the problems associated with quest for ever louder mixes, Steven Slate and expert algorithm engineer Fabrice Gabriel started working on process that could increase the level of a mix without altering the punch and dynamic feel. They started by researching saturation curves and their effect on various types of transient material. After several months of study and hundreds of listening tests, they made some fascinating discoveries. What they found, was that in order to transparently add level to a mix, a dynamic and intelligent transient saturation system would have to be developed.

Intelligent Transient Preservation algorithms

Slate Digital created innovative algorithms to execute the extremely complex communication system that would be needed to properly perform the necessary dynamic operations, known as “Intelligent Transient Preservation.”

The ITP process uses a complex look-ahead detection algorithm to analyze oncoming transients and groups of transients, and optimizes a specialized set of saturation curves for specific transients. For example, if the ITP algorithm’s look-ahead identifies a kick-drum transient, it will optimize the algorithm to preserve low-frequency energy. For a snare drum transient, it will optimize the algorithm to preserve upper mid range punch. The result is the most transparent means of level maximization the industry has ever heard, with no degrading artifacts common to peak limiters.

FG-Level maximization plug-in

FG-Level provides complete control of your mix, before and after the level maximization process. The FG-Level’s Transient function contains two controls to fine tune mix transients. Lo Punch allows you to transparently increase the low-energy levels in a mix, increasing punch and dynamics without altering other elements of the mix. The Detail control adds more clarity and focus to the transients, perfect for buried snares or kick drums.

Unique Dynamic Perception control

After the ITP powered gain maximizer, there is a function called Dynamic Perception. This amazing process can make the final master sound more dynamic, open, and punchy, even though the master has a much more limited dynamic range then the mix. At the right of the Dynamic Perception control is the ITP character slider. This control sets the global character of saturation curves that the ITP process produces. The higher the slider, the harder the transients in the mix will sound. The lower the slider, the more the smoother the transients will sound. This feature allows you to further customize your master with extreme precision.

FG Dynamics—ultra-transparent mastering compressor

Some mastering compressor plug-ins try to emulate vintage analog units and add color, harmonics, and different filters that change the way your mix sounds. However, most top mastering engineers use very little or no compression, and when they do it’s only the most transparent compressors that won’t alter the tone or balance of the mix.

The FG Dynamics plug-in is a true mastering-quality compressor designed to control the dynamics of your mix in the most transparent way possible. FG Dynamics does not attempt to color a mix with digitally modeled harmonics or distortion, since it’s assumed that you’ve already used your favorite color or tone compressor to achieve the sound of your final mix. The purpose of the FG Dynamics compressor to maintain that quality, not alter it. The advanced dynamics algorithm is so transparent, you’ll find yourself wondering if its on.

Ear-tuned by top mastering engineers

In order to fine-tune the FG-X Virtual Mastering Console, Slate Digital enlisted the ears of some of the top mastering engineers in the world. Not just for a final blind listening test, but to help Slate Digital to test and perfect the algorithms to ensure that they work in the finest and most accurate way possible. The FG-X is the ultimate digital mastering solution, and will help you take your masters to new heights.

Master your ITB mixes with the most transparent level control available in the digital realm. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.

Additional information

OS Requirements - PC

Windows 7 (SP1) or later


AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

iLok Required




Download / Boxed




e-Licenser Required


OS Requirements - Mac

OS X 10.8.5 or later, iOS 8 or later


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