Slate Digital FG-Bomber


Dynamic impact-enhancing plug-in

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The Slate Digital FG-Bomber is an easy-to-use, two-knob plug-in that can give depth and impact to tracks or entire mixes

 The hallmark of a great mix is the ability to overcome the two-dimensional limitations of speakers with a mix that appears to live outside the speakers, creating the illusion of being in the room with the music. Achieving a three-dimensional sound field requires quite a bit of experience, finesse, and clever use of compression, EQ, and FX processors—but what if you could achieve that effect with a single, three-knob plug-in? Slate Digital’s FG-Bomber is just such a plug-in. In keeping with Steven Slate’s mission to provide engineers and musicians easy and unfettered access to professional sound, Slate Digital decided to decode the mystery once and for all. The result is the FG-Bomber Analog-Modeled Dynamic Impact Enhancer. The FG-Bomber can make your tracks and mixes more dimensional, exciting, and lively.

Slate Digital FG-Bomber in one take:

  • Combines several processors to make the elements of a mix emanate from the speakers
  • Simple three-knob control lets you dial in the best sound

Make sounds jump out of the speakers

The FG-Bomber can make the elements of your mix emerge into 3-D space, adding a front-to-back depth that is translatable to small speaker systems. By using one of Slate Digital’s most complex and unique analog-modeled, digital circuit paths, comprising special harmonic generators, compressors, saturators, filters and more, the FG-Bomber can quite literally replace an entire series of processing chains.. It can act as a dynamic enhancer, analog harmonic processor, transient enhancer, and compressor—all at the same time.

FG-Bomber controls

Drive—sets the level sent to the processing network. The bomb icon underneath the meter lets you set the internal level in a way that is optimized for the intended effect. Of course you can get great tone if you experiment beyond this level.

 Intensity—adjusts how much of the effect is mixed in with the signal, and can be as little as a few percent to add some extra imaging to full masters, or cranked to create unique effects for drum mics and vocals.

Tone—changes the character of the effect. “Present” focuses the effect on the mid frequencies, increasing the transient impact sometimes dramatically, as well as extending sustain and width. “Fat” will also increase transient impact and depth in way that makes the low end bigger and wider. “Tight” is the most evenly balanced of the three tone settings, and will add clarity, punch, and tightness to the lows.

Output Trim—controls the overall output of the entire module.

 Metering—monitors the input signal after the Drive. Its goal is to show, via the bomb icon, how hot the signal should enter the effect for it to sound good.

Slate Digital FG-Bomber applications

Drum bus—the Bomber can work in conjunction with drum buss compression. Put it on Fat, adjust Drive so that it’s peaking at Bomb, and slowly mix in the intensity. It only needs a very little bit of intensity to make things sound amazing.

Mixes/Masters—Using Fat or Tight, little goes a long way. Hit the Bomb icon on the meter, and then slowly blend it in. You’ll notice the mix starts to take on a more 3D effect, the percussion gets punchier, the vocal gets clearer.

Vocals—The Bomber can make the vocals sound much more articulate and clear. It can make muffled consonants sound clearer and vocals pop.

Bass—Bomber can make bass sound incredible, post-compression on the Present setting. Adjusting Drive and Intensity can make the bass pop in an expressive way.

The Slate Digital FG-Bomber can improve front-to-back depth, add punch, and make sounds explode out of your speakers. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.

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