Slate Digital FG-116 Blue Series FET Compressors


Four variations of the classic “Rev A” FET Bluestripe compressor NO ILOK INCLUDED

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The Slate Digital FG-116 Blue Series FET Compressors features the authentic sounds of the historic Bluestripe 1176 Rev A plus added features and a modern take on an old classic

The Slate Digital FG-116 takes its cues from the Rev A Bluestripe UA 1176 compressor, noted for its aggressive sound. It became an instant hit with engineers and producers for its lightning-fast attack and release times, Class A output stage, and wide range of sounds. Bringing that unique sound into plug-in form, the Slate Digital FG-116 Blue Vintage and Blue Modern FET add new features not found in the hardware, including a high-pass sidechain filter to keep the low frequencies from pulling down the mix, and a mix knob for parallel compression without having to add an aux channel.

Slate Digital FG-116 Blue Series FET compressors in one take:

  • Stunningly accurate recreation of the vintage Rev A 1176
  • Slate Digital’s modern take on the Bluestripe 1176

FG-116 Blue FET Vintage Compressor

FG-116 Blue Vintage recreates the sound of two “Rev A” 1176 FET compressors, by modeling two versions of the hardware. Both compressors sound rich, colorful, and musical.

FG-116 Vintage Circuit 1 has the classic forward mids that made the Bluestripe FET compressors so famous. It especially adds a fantastic coloration to the upper mids, and a warm presence to vocals, bass, drums, and guitars. It has a softer top and bottom end as compared to the Black 116, and more articulate transients due to harmonic distortion in the midrange.

FG-116 Vintage Circuit 2 is modeled after an updated and refurbished “Rev A” 1176, which had a very unique and musical sound. Compared to Circuit 1, this model has much bigger lows and smoother mids and highs, making it sound quite stunning on drum-room mics. It also adds size to vocals that don’t require the midrange push of Circuit 1.

Both Circuits have a high-pass detection filter that allows the lows to pass through uncompressed, which, when used on a drum bass provides gain reduction that is more musically balanced, keeping the kick drum from pulling down and pumping the overheads. Finally, the mix knob allows you to perform parallel compression right inside the module.

FG-116 Blue FET Modern Compressor

It wouldn’t be Slate Digital if there wasn’t a modern take on vintage gear that not only sounds great without the need for complicated adjustments. FG-116 Blue Modern is a custom revision of the classic FET compressor that offers two unique circuits that blend old-school tone with new topology. The output transformers have been cleaned up to prevent output saturation, and the attack which normally interacts with release time, has been decoupled from the release so that it can be set much slower than the hardware for greater transient articulation. Both circuits of the Blue Modern sound hi-fi, punchy, musical, while still achieving the classic aggressive tone that made the FET compressors so famous.

FG-116 Modern Circuit 1 is somewhat similar to the vintage circuit insofar as having a forward-sounding character, but it’s much cleaner and transparent. The attack is slow enough to sound amazing on close-miked drums with the slowest attack and fastest release. Try it on a snare to bring out the punch while extending the decay. The mix knob works wonders on close drums mics if you slightly over-compress and subtly blend the compressed sound with the dry signal. By backing down the release, you’ll start to tighten up the sound which can be great on kick drum. You can also get a very edgy sound on bass using the same technique.

FG-116 Modern Circuit 2 has a spacious yet punchy low end and overall smoother response on the top end. It sounds amazing on a drum bus with the high-pass filter engaged. Even full mixes can benefit from this highly musical compressor. Using the Blue Modern on a full mix can give it incredible energy and excitement. Set it with the slowest attack, fastest release, high-pass filter engaged, and compress about 10db, and set the mix knob at around 25% wet to dry. This setting can be used to great effect on mix material in all genres. Try it on electronic drum beats too to make them pound out of the speakers. You can also use it in combination with another mix bus compressor, such as the Slate Digital FG-Grey or FG-Red.

No equipment rack, virtual or otherwise, is complete without at least one 1176, and Slate Digital gives you four amazing variations of this studio classic for your Slate Virtual Mix Rack and nominal expense and no maintenance. Try that with a 50-year old hardware box. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.    


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