Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle


EQ and Lift Moduls for the Virtual Mix Rack

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The Slate Digital Custom Series comprises two plug-ins, each combining the best sounds of several high-end classic tube and discrete equalizers

One of the secrets used in the big studios that can afford the best equalizers, is to use different models in series for the frequency range where they particularly shine. Of course, just that part of the signal chain alone can run into many thousands of dollars. However there are DSP powered plug-ins that can offer a similar advantage, but as you stack plug-ins on a single track, they act like reconstruction filters, causing your digital signal to increase into clipping range without the meters showing it. Plus, you use up a lot of DSP. It’s Steven Slate to the rescue with the Custom Series Bundle EQ plug-ins—two DSP-saving, best of several worlds EQ plug-ins.

Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle in one take:

  • Custom EQ combines the best of several classic EQs
  • Custom Series Lift two-knob processor for beefy low end and silky-smooth highs

Custom EQ

The Custom EQ is the result of studying over a dozen classic analog EQs, identifying the best attributes of each, and putting them in one EQ. Every band of the Custom EQ has its own uniquely modeled boost design, attenuation design, and analog modeled output section with rich musical harmonics for a lively analog vibe. While the Custom EQ is a hybrid of several equalizers, you’ll find it to be cohesive, intuitive, and extremely natural sounding,

The high-band boost is inspired by mastering EQ’s, adding dimension, clarity, and depth, without sounding thin and harsh. The upper midrange band boost is inspired by a combo of classic analog EQ’s, and it’s designed to increase the presence, impact, and punch but without sounding honky, nasal, and abrasive. The low-mid and low band boosts were inspired by a vintage solid state mastering EQ. These bands add warmth, punch, and size without sounding boxy, boomy, or muddy.

The cuts of each band have their own character and shape, all optimized for their specific roles. The Custom high band will reduce thinness and harshness but won’t affect clarity, The upper-mid cut is designed to remove abrasive and nasal qualities without removing presence. The low-mid cut can remove the boxiness and mud without removing warmth, while the low-end cut can remove boominess without making the source sound weak and weightless. The high- and low-pass filters are designed with an extremely gentle slope ensuring the audio source remains natural.

Custom Series LIFT:

A straightforward-looking two-knob processor, LIFT has a lot going on behind the scenes. It has two analog-modeled, parallel filter networks that lift the top end of the frequency spectrum and the low end of the frequency spectrum in an incredibly musical and natural way. The Hi Lift band has two settings: Present focuses the effect on the mid frequencies. Silky focuses a bit more on the higher frequencies. The Low Lift band also has two settings: Big is a broad, hefty sound that universally increases the mass of your low end. Punchy is a more focused sounding boost, which is amazing on percussive material. Both sections are the result of thorough research and study of some of the industry’s top analog designs.

You’ll find that a lot of material can be processed perfectly using just one or both of these LIFT processes. You’ll also find that by using LIFT at the beginning of your chain, your tracks will start taking shape fast and you’ll need less processing and further EQ down the road. And finally, LIFT can fix problematic tracks in a way that makes them sound as though they’ve never had a problem at all. Its rich analog sound is natural and cohesive, and can help you mix faster.

The Custom Series LIFT is a true workhorse processor that you’ll find yourself reaching for ahead of other EQs in your tool box. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.

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AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

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Windows 7 (SP1) or later


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