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SCS Radius Composer Desk w/ Steel Legs & 2 Upper Racks

Radius Composer for 88 Keys, Splayed Top, 2) 4sp Upper Rack, 2) Steel Legs


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This Radius Composer configuration was specifically designed to place your critical gear at your fingertips, in an elegant and ergonomic solution. The sliding keyboard shelf on the Composer 88 fits up to an 88-note keyboard.

• Elegant and timeless design

• Built to last a lifetime with hardwood construction and steel legs

• Splayed 94.8” Desktop

• (2) 4 RU Top Racks

• (2) Steel Legs

• Fits most 88-note keyboards

Radius allows you to get more done and look good doing it.

Handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee.

About Radius

Radius is a system of custom furniture options that gives you the power to create the perfect workstation solution.


Interchangeable Base Options

Choose from Slanted Rack (10 RU), Straight Rack (10 RU), or Steel Legs

You choose to position the bases Left or Right, during final assembly, on location.

Base Racks feature fabric in the side panels – this sonically diffusive material is not only a design element but also helps mitigate standing waves to allow the furniture to be more sonically transparent.

Hardwood Construction

Solid hardwood provides warmth and presence to your room that other furniture simply cannot provide. Choose from Black Satin, Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut (shown above) finishes. Sound Construction and Supply (SCS) has been hand-building furniture solutions for over 20 years and their master craftsmen take price in finishing each desk as a showroom quality piece.

Cabling and Access

Removable rear access panels give an unprecedented level of access to cabling and connections while also providing a great deal of comfort and security for critical connections. Black textured finish is extremely durable and gives assurance that the desk will look just as beautiful from the back, as it does from the front.

Desktop Racks

Add to the beauty of your Radius desk and place your rack-mounted gear within easy reach by adding top rack bays (4 RU or 6 RU each). Cable routing is simple, and the laminated top surface allows for speaker placement at just the right height for critical listening environments.