SCS IsoBox Studio Rolling Isolation Rack


A studio IsoBox is a sonic barrier to keep pesky unwanted noise like computer fans out of your recordings.

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The Sound Construction & Supply IsoBox Studio is a portable sound isolation rack for recording studios that provides up to -29dB fan noise reduction with passive induction intake cooling, HEPA filter, and thermostatically active dual exhaust fans

With studio real estate a premium these days and the increasing popularity of tracking live in the control room, IsoBox sound isolation racks were the first line of defense in keeping computer fan noise out of recordings. In fact, they pioneered noise reduction when DAWs came into prominence as no one considered how distracting a computer fan can be when mixing or critical listening. Another problem that computer DAWs experience is the buildup of dust in the fan intake, which can cause the fan to run unnecessarily (and loudly). The IsoBox Studio features a HEPA filter to reduce dust accumulation, and static buildup as well.

SCS IsoBox Studio in one take:

  • 12U, 16U, 20U Sizes
  • Passive induction intake cooling
  • Thermostatically activated dual exhaust fans
  • HEPA filter for dust and static reduction
  • Up to -29dB equipment fan noise reduction
  • Digital temperature reading
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius display
  • Audible alarm for excessive heat loads
  • Front and rear door accessibility
  • Two 3″ rear wire grommets

12U, 16U, 20U sizes 

Equipped with 4-1/2″ casters for convenient mobility, IsoBox rack rails are available in 12U, 16U, and 20U heights. The door swing is available with Left Door Swing and Right Door Swing factory configurations. The top, back and sides are coated with a scratch resistant black textured finish.

Thermostatically activated exhaust fans and HEPA filter

The interior temperature of the IsoBox Studio is regulated by dual exhaust fans thermostatically controlled by a patented microprocessor. A parabolic diffuser provides full wide-band pressure absorption, which reduces equipment noise up to 29dB at one meter (3′ approx.). Excessive heat loads are indicated by an audible and visual alarm. Additionally, a removable electrostatic intake HEPA filter reduces dust and particles that can impair the efficiency of computer fans, while reducing static electricity inside the cabinet. An echo eliminator made of all-natural cotton sound padding reduces interior noise.

Solid wood construction  

No two IsoBox exteriors are exactly alike, since Sound Construction & Supply uses real hardwoods, which naturally vary in grain and color. Wood finishes are available in black stain, cherry, maple, white oak, or walnut trim. Custom finishes are available upon request.

SCS IsoBox Studio options:

  • Optional rear rack rails
  • Optional laminate top
  • Optional left door swing or right door swing factory configurations
  • Optional sliding computer tray

IsoBox Studio models come standard with full-length rack rails for studio equipment and 19″ rackmount computer kits. If you have an Apple G5, Apple Mac Pro, or desktop PC computer tower less than 22-1/2″ W x 12-1/4″ H, you can add an optional sliding computer tray. Also available is an optional rack top with matching wood trim and graphite Nebula laminate to provide a smooth writing surface while protecting the wood finish.

If you’re not a fan of fans whizzing through the day in your control room, bring glorious silence to your control room with an SCS IsoBox Studio. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.


SCS IsoBox Studio noise reduction specifications:


Source Noise Reduction
(Front at 1 Meter)
Noise Reduction
(Back at 1 Meter)
Wide Band Noise -19dB -16dB
50Hz -14dB -12dB
100Hz -15dB -13dB
200Hz -15dB -13dB
400Hz -19dB -16dB
800Hz -21dB -17dB
1.60kHz -27dB -21dB
3.2kHz -29dB -20dB
6.4kHz -28dB -21dB
12.8kHz -25dB -22dB


Additional information

Rack Spaces

12-Space, 16-Space, 20-Space


Maple, Oak, Cherry, Black


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