Radial Workhorse WR8

8-Slot Power Rack


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The WR8 is the 8-channel power rack section of the Workhorse. It can be used to house up to eight 500 series modules and be expanded later by adding the WM8 8-channel mixer section. Each module slot is equipped with XLR male and female connections along with ¼” TRS and D-Sub connectors. These are wired in parallel and may be used independently or cross patched to create innovative signal paths. With 1600 milliamps of shared current, the WR8 delivers more power to each slot to accommodate power hungry tube preamps. Patching modules together is made easy using the feed switch. Omniport is also supported providing added module functionality. The Easy-Glide tray makes swapping Radial modules a breeze and may be removed for non-standard sizes. Heavy duty 14-gauge construction throughout ensures durability. The WR8 is 100% backwards compatible with older API modules.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 14 in

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