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Prism Sound’s Titan is a world-class multi-track interface offering flexible expansion and unsurpassable sonic clarity. Using the latest generation of Prism Sound’s trusted conversion, Titan is ideal for music and sound recording, multi-tracking, overdubbing, stem-based mastering, analog summing, and critical listening applications.

With the Ultimate Collection, upgrade your Titan with a wealth of creative, innovative, and industry-leading audio tools. Software included with Prism Sound’s Ultimate Collection is valued at over $4000 and features an array of premium instruments, contemporary FX plugins, an award-winning music production-focused DAW, and an industry-leading mastering and edit suite.

The Ultimate Collection includes Tracktion’s Waveform Pro DAW, Abyss, BioTek 2, DAW Essentials Collection, Delta-V Audio Spacecraft, F.’em, Hyperion, MOK Waverazor, Retromod Complete Collection, and the SADiE 6 Studio Suite.


Prism Sound’s history in developing test and measurement equipment for the audio industry has allowed our engineers to get a much deeper understanding of digital clocking and its associated issues.


Titan has a powerful built-in digital mixer that can be configured to provide a multitude of ultra-low latency feeds, Including foldback to performers, stereo, and surround outputs.


Titan has a maximum capability of 18 concurrent input and output channels, offering 8 analog recording channels, 8 monitoring outputs, stereo digital input and output on a phono connector, plus concurrent optical digital I/O ports.


With a standard USB connection Titan can connect to the widest range of computers today and for the foreseeable future. Add to this the option of ProTools|HDX and Dante modules for the most flexible and professional solution.


In an ever-changing world of I/O connectivity, the MDIO expansion slot allows your Prism Sound interface to remain relevant, increasing its lifespan and bringing a much better return on your investment.

Both options allow you to stack multiple Titan or Atlas, providing sample-accurate phase-locked audio between multiple units.


Titan’s front panel gives a continuous visual indication of the unit’s main settings and levels, but in-depth control is managed from the Titan Controller applet. This runs on the DAW computer and can be popped up whenever adjustments are needed.

The upper area of the applet shows a panel of ‘Global’ settings for the entire group of connected interfaces, and a panel of ‘Unit’ settings which is assignable to each connected unit in turn, using the enclosed drop-list. These settings are concerned with general parameters such as sync source and sample rate selection, metering, and buffering modes. An ‘Identify’ button causes all the LEDs on the selected box to light, to assist with identification in multi-unit systems. To the right, there are large buttons for loading and saving setups, and for online help.


Verifile is a radical new proprietary technology exclusive to Prism Sound which allows computer audio streams and recorded files to be quickly checked for a wide range of clicks, errors, and dropouts, without any compromise in the audio content or any additional metadata. The Verifile process is entirely invisible and inaudible to the user, so using it is simplicity itself.

Developed to meet the needs of our audio archiving clients where even the most minute, inaudible error is completely unacceptable. Verifile can quickly identify and detect any such imperfection making it also the ideal choice for mastering & mixing engineers.


F.’EM – 11-Operator FM Synthesizer

F.’em is one of the most powerful FM Synthesizers ever made, taking advantage of modern CPU resources to process its freely configurable 11-operator matrix. It’s a hybrid quad-timbral synthesizer that can function as an FM, VA, and Sample-based instrument, with the added bonus of a dual multimode filter, a complex effect section, and an incredibly flexible modulation matrix.

BIOTEK 2 – A powerhouse sampling and synthesis workstation

BioTek 2 offers boundless sound design in a unique and inspirational environment. Not only is its engine more capable than existing offerings, but the choice to use natural and environmental samples gives the instrument its unique character. Extensive modulation and modifier routes are intuitively assigned, and all parameters are available for DAW automation. Dive into the weird and wonderful immersive world of BioTek.

WAVERAZOR – Futuristic Virtual Synth

A futuristic synth that gives you the power to splice waveforms into aggressive new sounds. The patented oscillator design utilizes a new form of synthesis to produce biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads, and everything in between.

ABYSS – A visual synthesizer with character and a bit of fairy dust

Based on spectral synthesis, Abyss adopts a unique approach by representing sounds with colors making it intuitive and instantly inspiring. It brings to you dark, vibrating drones, vivid cinematic pads, and rich evolving textures. With Abyss you find instant inspiration for your music and sound design projects.

HYPERION – Multi-layer, Modular Synth

Hyperion synth has been designed from the outset with sonic flexibility in mind whilst keeping modular patching approachable and easy to follow. Efficient processing enables up to 10 layers of complex sound patches providing an unlimited sound design playground inspired by 80’s legends such as Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Brian Eno. Hyperion is a contemporary digital modular masterpiece.

SPACECRAFT – Deep granular synthesis

SpaceCraft is one of the most creative and inspiring granular synths ever made. Based on the hugely popular iOS app, it’s well known for providing instant gratification and stunning, unique sounds. Two parallel granular engines provide grain frequency/length control, sample position LFO, stereo reverb/filter, and pitch/ring-modulation. The innovative grain pitch sequencer, MIDI / MPE, and live sampling capability open up further depths of performance and expression.

RETROMOD INSTRUMENTS – Classic Hardware Synths

The RetroMod series of instruments put the world’s most revered hardware synthesizers at your fingertips. And as the name suggests, this is more than just a collection of sample-based imitations – the goal of this series is to capture the soul of classic hardware synthesizers and push them in new directions, creating sounds simply unachievable from the source hardware.

DAW ESSENTIALS COLLECTION – 16 inspiring, contemporary DSP effects

A collection of 16 contemporary FX plugins for use with any DAW. Utilizing the very latest algorithms and coding techniques, the plugins feature extraordinary sound quality in an extremely efficient package, allowing the plugins to be used liberally across a wide range of native computer systems. Empower your creativity with the DAW Essentials Collection.


WAVEFORM PRO – The most creative, inspirational, and affordable DAW ever created.

Waveform is a rapidly evolving application specifically designed for the needs of modern music producers. Specializing in creative and inspirational workflows and avoiding features not explicitly needed to allow the app to remain surprisingly fun and intuitive. While other apps try to appeal to broad user groups, for example, film score, live sound, performance – Waveform is laser-focused on music production.

SADIE 6 STUDIO SUITE SOFTWARE – Studio Suite is exclusive to the Prism Sound Ultimate Collection

SADiE excels in applications where only the most sophisticated recording and editing capabilities are required and where reliability and robustness are paramount.

From the mastering rooms of Abbey Road and Metropolis, recording studios of Roger Waters, and edit suites of Universal and the BBC, SADiE’s mission-critical tools are the choice for those who demand the best.

SADiE 6 Studio Suite Features:

Playlist Editor

Trim Editor

Region Editor

3-4 Point Editor

Speech Editor

VST™ Plugin Support

Direct-X™ Plugin Support

MP3 Import/Export

CD Ripping

Playlist Automation Edit

Text EDL Print

AES31 File Interchange

SADiE 5.6 File Interchange

M/S Phase


9-Pin Master Support

PQ Editor

PQ List Printing

DDPi Creation/Import

WAV Master

CD Text

Mastering Limiter

Graphical Parametric Eq.

Multi-Session CD Burning

CD SRC (Real-time Sample Rate Convert)

Hi Dither (Noise Shaping)

Prism Sound SNS Noise Shaping

Technical Support Plugin

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