Primacoustic Cumulus


Acoustic corner bass trap

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The Cumulus™ is a triangular broadband acoustic corner trap that
effectively absorbs sound energy from 100Hz and up. Designed to fi t in
corners where the wall and ceiling meet, the Cumulus takes advantage of
the natural propagation of sound that occurs in all rooms. Sound waves
follow the wall and ceiling planes and accumulate in the corners, a well
known hot spot in small rooms.
The Cumulus is amazingly compact yet, when in place, creates a 12” deep
cavity behind the panel that increases the bass absorption characteristics.
Mounting Cumulus traps in a room will generally yield a signifi cant
reduction in the problematic low-mid (100Hz – 200Hz) region while leaving
the architectural design of the room virtually intact.
Invisible mounting is achieved using spring-tensioned cleats and a single
eye-screw. Mounting literally takes minutes and because of the reverse
beveled edges Cumulus traps fl ush mount seamlessly into the room
esthetics. Sold in pairs.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 23 x 5 in


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