Triad-Orbit Orbit 2 Dual Arm Orbital Boom

O2 Dual Orbital Boom with IO Quick-Change Couplers


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Double your mic-placement flexibility with half as many mic stands!

Triad-Orbit’s O2 Dual Orbital Boom gives an extra 145º of left to right motion to the already impressive Orbital Booms while the Compass Point ball swivel gives each arm enough strength and precision to safely hold any microphone in almost any position imaginable. The O2 Dual Orbital Boom will revolutionize your workflow no matter what you’re recording. With the O2, complex drum miking becomes and easy, uncluttered affair while recording a singer-songwriter will be as easy as setting up a single mic stand. Intricate stereo recording techniques are easier and more precise than ever, and the IO Quick-Change Couplers will allow you to swap mics in no time!

Combine the O2 Dual Orbital Boom with the Triad range of tripod stands to get an unparalleled range of mic-positioning freedom on any source!

Take a look at how award-winning engineer Francesco Cameli uses the Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems to capture the perfect recording in this clip from our proSESSIONS series at Sphere Studios.


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