Nugen Audio VisLM-H

Loudness meter with history


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Using an industry standard gives you confidence and peace of mind. VisLM-H delivers everything you need – intuitively, accurately and immediately.

With a unique design focused on primary loudness parameters, VisLM-H combines an instant overview with detailed historical information, enabling you to hit your target first time, every time.

Additional loudness logging and time-code functions allow for proof of compliance reporting and postmortem analysis with frame accurate referencing.

VisLM introduces several essential parameters for audio measurement.

True-Peak level metering (inter-sample accurate level monitoring)
Loudness Range (to help decide if and how much dynamic compression to apply)
Momentary ‘instantaneous loudness’ for mixing by ear
Short term loudness (3 second time window)
Program Loudness (long term integrated loudness measurement)
Practical Applications

Loudness normalization introduces a common reference point for all stages of audio production, allowing audio professionals to remain in control of audio quality and meet current & proposed legislation.
Post production

Objectively measure constituent loudness values
Achieve average loudness harmonization from differing sources
Balance music/dialog/special effects

Mixing | Mastering

Take control of audio quality at source
Avoid ‘level shifting’ further down the broadcast stream
Produce consistent masters
Match average loudness across compilation productions
Preserve audio fidelity using True Peak level meters

Broadcast | Transmission

Harmonize program content
Achieve loudness consistency within channel
Maintain loudness consistency across channels
Meet recent legislation and adopted standards
Manage live broadcast levels rapidly and objectively
Consistently balance music/dialog/special effects
Perform station monitoring and historical diagnostic

Key Features

Market leading quality
Fully standard compliant
Intuitive and detailed
Trusted by professionals
Highly configurable
Time saving design

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